Steam Autumn Sale 2022 dates revealed - Features, future events, and more

The Autumn Sale will coincide with the Black Friday sales worldwide (Image via Valve)
The Autumn Sale will coincide with the Black Friday sales worldwide (Image via Valve)

The dates for the Steam Autumn Sale 2022 are now official, and fans can combine some fantastic deals as the sale coincides with the Black Friday event. Once again, plenty of titles of all types and genres will be available at large discounts for the buyers.

Fans have been eager for the next iteration of the sale even since the summer event. The Steam Autumn Sale 2022 is a part of the seasonal events the gaming giants conduct throughout the year. While games on Steam regularly get discounts, seasonal sales make each title accessible and highly worth it. Not only is the available list of titles vast, but the offered discounts are also unmatched.

Enthusiasts can plan when the sale goes live with the dates now announced. This will allow them to organize their spending better and more effectively, so they don't waste their money. More importantly, Valve has also announced interim data for two other sales to come later.

The Steam Autumn Sale 2022 will be an excellent time for fans during Thanksgiving

As soon as the fall season began, fans anticipated the commencement of the Steam Autumn Sale 2022. There have been different rumors all over social media about the likely details. Fans won't have to speculate as Steam has made the dates official.

Autumn/Winter/Spring sale dates dated for Steam Sale will replace the Lunar New Year sale-Autumn Sale: Nov 22nd to Nov 29th-Winter Sale: Dec 22nd to Jan 5th-Spring Sale: March 16th to 23rd

The Steam Autumn Sale 2022 begins on November 22 and will be a week-long event that wraps up on November 29. The dates coincide with the Thanksgiving period and when the Black Friday sales also occur.

Fans can once again expect some steep discounts on different titles, including AAA and Indie releases. The dates seem perfect, as the Black Friday sale allows enthusiasts to get amazing deals on hardware and peripherals. All major companies provide significant discounts, which makes Black Friday the best time to shop for any electronics.

With the Steam Autumn Sale 2022, fans can combine their new gadgets with some great picks from the gaming world. While older games will get hefty discounts, summer releases will also get discounts for the first time. There are some exciting choices to suit the needs of all types of users.


Valve has also informed fans about the dates of the Winter Sale and the Spring Sale of 2023. There's been a slight change in schedule for next year, and the Spring Sale 2023 will now be taking place between March 16 to 23 unless there are more changes.

As for this year's Winter Sale, Steam will conduct it from December 22 to January 5, as it will overlap the entire Christmas weekend. Both these occasions will also be a great time to get some steals and bargains from the gaming world.

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