Stellar Blade devs confirm no censorship in any game version

stellar blade will be uncensored in all countries
Stellar Blade will have fully uncensored game content for all versions on PS5. (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Stellar Blade players will receive fully uncensored game content in the PS5 exclusive at launch across the globe. Developers at Shift Up have officially confirmed this news with a recent social media post for the fans. The major update will please every gaming enthusiast who was even slightly concerned about the game not featuring uncut content in several regions for PS5.

Fortunately, that's not going to happen and Shift Up is set to offer the exact original, and uncensored version its team intended for the players.

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Stellar Blade to offer the same fully uncensored version for PS5 in all the countries according to Shift Up

The official social media account of Stellar Blade on X recently shared the big news for players with a small message. The post revealed that the game will offer the same uncensored version in all countries where it's going to be released on the PS5 console. Additionally, players from Japan will also be able to enjoy the game with no censorship in the overall experience.

It's a huge update that will excite the fans even more while accelerating the hype for the release among them further. The news also brings a massive change to recent trends of some PlayStation exclusive titles launching with censored content.

For those unaware, previously released popular PlayStation-exclusive games like The Last of Us and Uncharted were censored by Sony due to excessive violence featured in their gameplay.

Moreover, Sony even chopped a portion of content from several past titles on PlayStation that were suggestive in nature. These games included the likes of Devil May Cry 5, Dead or Alive, and 20 Ladies. All of them either had a lot of violence or characters with revealing outfits.

Eve's character in the PS5 game (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Eve's character in the PS5 game (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

However, Stellar Blade has now got a green signal with zero censorship despite featuring revealing outfits and excessive elements of violence. It seems like Sony has changed its approach lately while understanding that certain games are meant for a specific age group of players and there's no problem in keeping the experience uncensored.

Shift Up's action-adventure title is set for a global launch on April 26, 2024, for PlayStation 5.

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