Tekken 7: Season 4 DLC character and game changes announced

(Image Credit: Bandai-Namco)
(Image Credit: Bandai-Namco)

The Tekken series has recently surpassed 50 million units sold, with Tekken 7 accounting for 6 million of them. This milestone was passed a few days before the reveal of Tekken 7’s newest season of content, a new character and updated game functionality.


Changes coming to Tekken 7 season 4

In the Tekken 7 Season 4 trailer the newest character coming to Tekken is revealed, along with some gameplay footage. Kunimitsu, a female ninja whose last appearance was in Tekken 2, was shown fighting Master Raven and Yoshimitsu. The footage, which highlights her aggression and mobility, showcases how the character will fit into a niche in the wildly successful fighting game.

Of course, season 4 of Tekken 7 won’t stop at just introducing a new character. This season also promises improvements to the game’s netcode, the implementation of a “wifi indicator” to detect if your opponent is playing via a wireless connection, new moves for every character in the game, and an expected balance adjustment.

Rounding off the planned changes for Tekken 7 is a new ranking system. Katsuhiro Harada, the director of the Tekken series, stated that these changes were to give players new ranks and goals to strive for.

How to get started with Tekken 7

Of course, Tekken 7 is quite a few years old by now, and starting up a fighting game as complex as that can feel daunting at times. However, these new season releases often make for the best times to get started, as they often mark points where many players return to the game, or enter into it for the first time.

Even if you’ve never played a Tekken game, or haven’t played one in years, you should strongly consider looking into Tekken 7 in the coming months. If you’d like a detailed breakdown of how to get started in a brand new fighting game, including what skills to emphasize and where to learn them, then read this article which details my own experience learning Tekken 7.

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