Tfue reveals why he quit Fortnite and FaZe House

Tfue reveals why he is not returning to Fortnite
Tfue reveals why he is not returning to Fortnite
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Turner Ellis Tenney, or Tfue, is an American streamer and esports player, best known for his Fortnite streams. As a professional Fortnite player, Tfue honed his talents for Faze Clan, and won numerous tournaments.

Regarded as one of the most talented players to ever grace the game, Tfue decided to part ways with Fortnite earlier in 2020, following his lawsuit with FaZe Clan, over depriving the player of business opportunities, while taking up to 80% of Tfue's sponsorship earnings.

Tfue reveals why he quit Fortnite on a podcast

In a recent interview with the Brand Risk Podcast, Tfue opened up about the reasons behind him quitting Fortnite, as well as why he hated living at the FaZe house.


The former Fortnite streamer, who has since shifted to Call of Duty: Warzone, had previously talked on his stream about the reasons behind him moving away from the game. Tfue had mentioned that he cannot play a single game "for years straight", as the maximum time he feels that he can spend on a game is usually 2 to 3 years.

Talking on the podcast about the reason behind his departure from the game, Tfue said,

"I have gone through a lot of different games like Destiny, PUBG and usually you feel burnt out"

He also went on to add,

"I had to spice things up with some other games. Plus I felt like I had milked the game so much that like me playing it was almost like me digging myself in like a pit"

Talking further about Fortnite, the former Fortnite professional added,

"It's like I got to the point where the only reason why I was playing was for viewers and for my career. I just stopped caring about that and I feel like I have already milked Fortnite for all its worth"

Talking about his time at the FaZe House, Tfue said,

"The main reason I didn't like my time there is because I was playing Fortnite at the time and most of the west-coast players are a bunch of idiots. It was so bad that I couldn't even play Fortnite there."

When asked about the parts of the lifestyle which he disliked, Tfue added,

"It was fun. I met dope people and shit but I was surrounded by a group of people that were like one hit wonders, like popped off from dumb shit and are just kind of there. People in general who ride off other people, it's a bad vibe I guess."

With the release of Tfue's statements in the new podcast, it seems certain that the former Fortnite professional has no intentions of returning to the game in the near future, as he looks to explore new games and grow his community as a variety streamer.

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