"That feels so good!" Ludwig secures sub 1:50 Mario Party Superstars run, claiming World Record

Ludwig secured the World Record for Mario Party Superstars in a recent stream.
A recent Ludwig stream showed that he secured the world record for Mario Party Superstars (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)

In Ludwig’s most recent YouTube stream, the content creator scored a huge World Record in Mario Party Superstars. He received the first sub-1:50 run in the game’s speedrunning community during this stream. While others could come along soon and break his record, he has the fastest run for now. The streamer was incredibly excited to secure the record after streaming for six hours.

It’s not the first Mario Party record the streamer has secured before, and even though his Livesplit program crashed during the run, the run appeared to end at 1:49:37.

“Holy s**t man! That feels so good!”

Ludwig secures first sub-1:50 run for Mario Party Superstars and claims the World Record


(Clip begins at 7:54:31)

Ludwig was over six hours into a stream and working hard on Mario Party Superstars speedrun. At the time of the clip, he said he needed to beat the game in the next 25 seconds if he wanted a sub-1:50 run for this current speedrun attempt.

“7 hours, 49 minutes, 57 seconds into the VOD. Which means I just barely got under an hour fifty minutes to get an hour minute run!”

The final mini-game Ludwig had to complete was Burnstile, and right as he finished it up, he quickly did the math. At this point, his chat and the streamer himself realized he had secured the world record and a sub-1:50 run for Mario Party Superstars.

The YouTuber would discuss the run and how he felt at the end of the eight-hour video. The streamer said he felt perfectly calm throughout the run, despite tackling some of the hardest mini-games.

Ludwig would also say he messed up throughout the Mario Party Superstars run. This means there is room for improvement on the time he secured during this most recent YouTube stream. While discussing the run, he felt a 1:30 run is possible, but maybe not down to 1:20.

This World Record defeated Japanese speedrunner “Hec,” who held the World Record for over a year, with 1:53:51 seconds. This means Ludwig beat the record by a solid four minutes.

Social media responds to Ludwig’s World Record in Mario Party Superstars

Most of the responses on the LiveStreamFails subReddit were excited for the streamer, as he secured another World Record in the Mario Party series of games. Some would talk about the time, while others were excited about Summoning Salts’ video on the run.

For those who do not know, Summoning Salt is a speedrunner and Youtuber, who often documents the history of speedrunning records.

Even though the streamer's Livesplit crashed, people also kept track of time. One Redditor thought perhaps it helped the streamer’s mental state, so he could stay calm and focus on the game instead of the constantly moving timer. Livesplit is a program that speedrunners use to document their time as they play.

Speedrun.com can still verify the run and confirm that nothing was suspicious. With that in mind, many feel that the run will count, and the YouTuber does, in fact, hold the World Record.

From YouTube to Reddit, people were excited to see the successful world record (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)
From YouTube to Reddit, people were excited to see the successful world record (Image via Ludwig/YouTube)

Even the streamer’s YouTube comments came out with force to show their love for this successful World Record moment. Though another streamer like Squeex could come along and take the record later, for now, it’s held by Ludwig.

It was a wholesome moment for the YouTuber, and fans around the internet were excited to see this moment happen, whether live or during the VOD.

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Edited by Anirudh Padmanabhan
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