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Top two priorities for Among Us are accounts and languages

(Image Credit: Innersloth)
(Image Credit: Innersloth)
Modified 21 Nov 2020, 01:04 IST

The official Among Us Twitter has shared that their top two priorities are the development of an account system and support for more languages.

The account system is currently being developed by an outside group with more experience in the area and is needed to help Among Us respond to toxic players and hackers. Their desire for better localization is meant to help Among Us spread to a wider audience and make the game accessible to more people.

The Among Us developers have identified the game’s two biggest problems

It’s no secret that Among Us has become a bit of a hotbed for hackers and cheaters. While the worst of it is mitigated by playing in private and organized playgroups, playing Among Us in public groups creates a completely different experience. A dedicated account system would give Innersloth, and the players, a tool to combat hackers and cheaters alike.

Innersloth has already significantly reduced incidents of hacking by improving their anti-cheat, but new hacks will always be developed. Accounts would give players a way to report hackers, allowing Innersloth to simply ban the worst offenders rather than having to update their anti-cheat for every new hack that comes out.

Accounts would also address the other major way players cheat in Among Us, by using an outside form of communication. When playing public games, it’s not too uncommon for someone to get upset that they got killed, or that they were identified as an imposter, and to share information with other players in the game.

This kind of behavior goes completely against the spirit of Among Us, and currently, the only thing playgroups can do when this happens is vote to ban someone from their group. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop players from joining another game and cheating there too.

Accounts would, at the very least, let Innersloth identify who the repeat cheaters are and take action to stop them.


Among Us needs to improve its localization as well

Another feature that frequently gets overlooked is the fact that Among Us doesn’t really have great localization for other languages. Currently, Among Us supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Russian, all to varying degrees of quality.

Innersloth has identified localization as another important thing which they need to improve upon, and have posted their language priorities.

Currently, their language priorities are English, French, Italian, German, both European and Latin American Spanish, Dutch, Russian, both Brazilian and European Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino with more languages after those are accomplished.

Innersloth is yet to identify who will be conducting the Among Us translation for each of the languages, but they have received an outpouring of support on Twitter.

Published 21 Nov 2020, 01:03 IST
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