TrainwrecksTV makes Twitch history after winning $22.5 million during livestream

TrainwrecksTV wins big during Twitch livestream (Image via Trainwrecks/Twitch)
TrainwrecksTV wins big during Twitch livestream (Image via Trainwrecks/Twitch)

Popular Twitch streamer TrainwrecksTV made history on the streaming platform after winning a massive sum of $22.5 million during his latest broadcast.

The streamer gained popularity long ago for his variety streams but has recently been involved in streaming his slot winnings. While he condemns gambling openly, he continues to earn a massive fortune from it, and his latest record is proof of the same.

A recent clip that surfaced from his stream shows him maxing out his slot machine. As a result of this, TrainwrecksTV managed to win $22.5 million in two free spins out of his 15 free tries.

TrainwrecksTV gets his first max win ever during a recent livestream

Train was surprised to see the results of his roller slots. According to him, he came to the 'Might of Ra' roller to get a bonus as he only had $40,000 or 0.8 BTC left. However, he managed to win a whopping $22.5 million in his first two spins, which left him and his friends baffled.

This was also Trainwreck's first max win on roller slots, and neither he nor his friends could believe the fact that 'Ra' could even reward players with that high a prize. After losing millions of dollars, this win came as a huge sigh of relief for the popular Twitch streamer.

Trainwrecks just won $22.5 million on a slot machine and that's more than I spent on my coffee this morning

Train's last jackpot was worth $14 million, which is almost half of what he won recently. Although it might seem like he is making a lot of money playing slots, according to the various times he's mentioned it, he is losing money. The two big wins might bridge the gap between his losses and wins, but it seems like he still has a long way to go before he breaks even.

TrainwrecksTV deletes his tweet sharing the big win

As soon as Train hit the jackpot, he took to Twitter to share the big win. However, he soon deleted the tweet, which left fans perplexed as to why he didn't want to flaunt his winnings.

TrainwrecksTV wins $22.5 million in slots (Image via Trainwrecks/Twitch)
TrainwrecksTV wins $22.5 million in slots (Image via Trainwrecks/Twitch)
@JakeSucky Why did he delete his tweet? I just saw the post now its gone
@FatherOfChaos5 @JakeSucky he doesn't want gambling on his twitter, it was just heat of the moment that he even posted it

As it turns out, Train doesn't support gambling on his Twitter feed. He posted the tweet in the first place because he was excited about his winnings. However, he later realized his mistake and took the tweet down.

Some users felt that the streamer's earnings were fake as they were without solid proof.

@JakeSucky It鈥檚 all fake. Just promotions to promote gambling
@JakeSucky Is there any solid proof, or is it just play money like every other sponsorship?

However, others were quick to give an explanation:

@6Foot4Honda @JakeSucky It鈥檚 not play money 64. Stake does NOT do fills, they pay a large amount per month and the creator has to gamble a certain amount of hours, but no amount is necessary. So the money they win/lose is theirs.
@JTrasser @Top3Entertain @JakeSucky I think you're not listening. He's not being paid just to gamble. It is like he is being paid by stake to advertise since he got 35k+ consistent viewers. It means whatever stake is paying him, it is now his own money. He keeps 100% of winnings unlike roshtein and other streamers

The Twitch streamer gets 35K+ concurrent viewers on his channel and has participated in giveaways to other small streamers in the past.

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