TSM Ghatak: I am back in competitive PUBG Mobile, aim to win that elusive international trophy

Abhijeet "TSM Ghatak" Andhare
Abhijeet "TSM Ghatak" Andhare

I am Abhijeet Andhare, aka TSM Ghatak, and I'm the coach/player in TSM-Entity's PUBG Mobile roster. I even successfully led my team to victory at the PMCO Fall Split 2019 South Asia as the in-game leader (IGL).

I had left competitive gaming for the role of a coach, but I think my team needs me as a player. So here I am, announcing my return to competitive action. You can read my whole journey below!

The beginnings

It all started at a cafe in 2018, when my friend introduced me to this new game called PUBG Mobile. I was a big fan of gaming when I was in my teens, and started playing this game with my friends for fun. I was not aware of the competitive side until I saw Team Soul win the PMIS 2019. That very day, I made up my mind to win that trophy.

I started putting together a team for the PMCO Springs, the next big tournament after the PMIS. That's when I found Neyoo; he was not a competitive player back then, but I had seen his talent. We finished sixth at that tournament, and I knew we needed more gun power, so I started searching for another player and found Jonathan.

He was an aggressive 17-year-old boy who had a hunger to kill enemies. In search of a fourth member, I found Aman.

Signed by Entity gaming

Soon, we got picked by Entity Gaming. We qualified for ESL Milan and finished fourth. But my ultimate goal was the trophy, and that came at the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019, with the same lineup. We were very motivated, and after that win, my goal changed to win an international trophy.

Before even going to Malaysia for the PMCO Globals, our star player Aman informed me that he would be leaving Entity for Soul. We managed to finish fifth at that event. Soon after, we found Zgod as a replacement for Aman.

Everyone appreciated our performance in India, but I was stuck with the thought: What went wrong?

TSM's entry

I figured out that as an IGL, I was doing justice to my place in the team, but as a player, I lacked some skills. I thought of roping in an IGL who had better gun power than me, and when it came to being an IGL, I could train him.

Luckily, I found ClutchGod, and my star-studded team was ready to dominate the world. I stepped aside as the fifth player/coach. Soon after, this team, now associated with one of the most prominent Esports organisations, TSM, started dominating all the tournaments across India and South Asia.

We managed to finish second at the PMPL 2020, and then won the PMIS 2020. We were very confident of winning an international trophy this time around, so were the fans. But we messed up where it mattered the most.

ClutchGod made a few mistakes, not blaming him for anything, he is an assaulter, and loves to get those kills. We had a long chat after the PMWL this year, and he is learning day by day.

Decision to rejoin TSM as a player

For now, here I am, announcing that I will be back with TSM as a competitive player. You will see me playing a lot more, compared to the last six months. We will rotate our TSM squad according to availability. I will try to play as many games with TSM ClutchGod as possible, and train him to his potential, with me also being in the game. With the World Championship coming, my next goal is to bring that shiny trophy home!


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