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TSM ZexRow claims Fortnite requires more aim precision than CS:GO or Valorant

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Joey Carr
Modified 23 Dec 2020, 00:30 IST

Fortnite professional and TSM player Anthony "ZexRow" Colandro has riled up the community with a statement claiming that Fortnite takes more aiming precision than CS:GO or Valorant.

The topic of Fortnite players' skills compared to other huge esports titles has been around for years. The community is split on whether or not Fortnite players really possess the same level of talent when compared to players in games like CS:GO, Valorant, or other battle royales.

One side of the community believes Fortnite players are given the ability to build as soon as they're shot at, allowing for a less competitive gunfight. However, the other side thinks gunfights in Fortnite take even more precision due to the game's mechanics.

This argument came to a head yesterday when TSM ZexRow stated Fortnite takes more aim precision than Valorant or CS:GO.

ZexRow claims Fortnite is above CS:GO and Valorant in terms of aiming

The argument really comes down to ZexRow and others believing that Fortnite takes more time and precision, to aim and eliminate an enemy than in other titles. Since it requires a fair number of bullets to eliminate someone in Fortnite, additional aiming skills are required.

While it's true that Fortnite does require more shots to kill, FPS titles like Valorant and CS:GO have so little room for error. If you miss your initial headshots in a game like Valorant, the enemy will likely one-tap you to the head within seconds. Obviously, this is why some players believe FPS titles require more aim precision than Fortnite.

Although this is largely a matter of opinion, there are some facts to back up both sides of the argument. In terms of overall mechanics, there are few games that can overtake Fortnite. The building, aiming, and movement of the game all mix together and need to be used constantly in gunfights.


Of course, on the other hand, games like CS:GO and Valorant solely rely on aiming when it comes to engagements. If your aim isn't precise, you're going to die and there's not a mechanic like building to save you. This was cleverly pointed out by some members of the community.

In response to ZexRow's tweet, the community was once again split. Some argued against Fortnite's strange aiming system and others argued that the amount of aiming needed in Fortnite far outweighs that of CS:GO or Valorant. However, perhaps the most cohesive response came from Harrison “Psalm” Chang, a Valorant pro for Dignitas and former Fortnite player.

Psalm argues that a game like Valorant is far more punishing for those with shoddy aim. Fortnite "incorporates more aspects of aiming" but it's ultimately easier to get away with bad aim due to the game's other mechanics.

Published 23 Dec 2020, 00:30 IST
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