Twitch unbans Clix as #FreeClix movement takes over the internet

Fortnite professional player Clix was previously suspended from Twitch indefinitely
Fortnite professional player Clix was previously suspended from Twitch indefinitely
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Cody "Clix" Conrad was recently banned from Twitch indefinitely for "showing an inappropriate picture" on stream.

The Fortnite streamer got suspended for broadcasting an image titled "Rons a**" live to all his viewers. Soon after the incident, Clix was handed an indefinite ban, much to his and his community's surprise.

The entire Fortnite community then banded together behind the professional player with the #FreeClix movement to get him unbanned.

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Clix gets banned and unbanned within a week

After a successful appeal, Clix's ban has finally been overturned, and the 16-year-old is back doing what he does best.


The entire saga began when Clix displayed an inappropriate image titled "Rons a**" that depicted partial nudity live on stream. As proven by the DrDisrespect ban, no streamer is too large for Twitch, and suspensions are meted out regardless of their success on the platform.

Clix was devastated by the news, frantically trying to get it overturned as soon as possible, even though Twitch was not very responsive to his pleas.

His in-game event, titled Clix's Box Fight LTM, was also removed from Fortnite by Epic Games. The publisher replaced it with the title Skyfall: Box Fight.

Elated by the ban being overturned after a long wait, the teenage Fortnite star went live almost instantly after dropping a tweet. The post said he would go live if the tweet received 50k likes.

It seems the entire saga is now behind the star streamer, and he can go back to clicking heads in Fortnite and entertaining his fanbase on Twitch.

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