Valkyrae allegedly meets Corpse Husband face-to-face for the first time, trades a $1000 silver brick

Valkyrae reveals she doesn't have her silver brick anymore (Image via Offline Champs)
Valkyrae reveals she doesn't have her silver brick anymore (Image via Offline Champs)
Nakul Ahuja

Rachell Valkyrae Hofstetter had an eventful week as she spent time with some of her closest friends. During one of her recent streams, she revealed how she enjoyed hanging out with good company. More importantly, the American streamer also alluded to meeting Corpse Husband for the first time.

Valkyrae and Corpse Husband share a close bond. They often mention each other in their respective streams. During one of her older streams, Valkyrae said she would gift her silver brick to Corpse Husband if the latter agreed to meet her in person.


The American streamer recently met some of her close friends this week. While discussing her friendly encounters, she casually mentioned that she doesn't have the silver brick anymore.

Valkyrae said:

"I did meet a few people...this week. I did meet a few people and I love my friends. And I no longer have my silver brick, that's all I'm going to say."

However, she fell short of disseminating any more information on the subject. Valkyrae's meeting with Corpse Husband didn't come as a massive surprise.

The two streamers share a healthy relationship and admire each other. It's safe to say that Corpse Husband feels comfortable around her, as he has stated on numerous occasions.

Valkyrae is the latest streamer to have seen Corpse Husband's face

Corpse Husband's identity has been shrouded in mystery for as long as fans can remember. Even though the faceless streamer has requested honest patrons to respect his privacy, internet investigators have struggled to keep their prying eyes away from the faceless streamer.

An image slated as Corpse Husband's natural face started trending on Twitter a few days ago. Even though the image was fake, it received a lot of hate for not living up to viewers' expectations.

Be that as it may, streamers including Sykkuno, TinaKitten, and Anthony Padilla have met Corpse Husband in person and defined it as a wholesome experience.

Sykkuno revealed how he was initially intimidated by Corpse Husband but described his meeting as a strengthening experience for the two.

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