"Not as advertised, sorry fangirls": Corpse Husband's alleged 'face reveal' is breaking Twitter

Did Corpse Husband really reveal his face? (Image via Corpse Husband Twitter)
Did Corpse Husband really reveal his face? (Image via Corpse Husband Twitter)
Nakul Ahuja

Corpse Husband, despite being one of the most popular streamers on the internet right now, has a layer of mystery around his personality. Fans have been waiting for months for news of a face reveal, and the internet went berserk when an image slated as his genuine face started trending on Twitter.

The faceless streamer has been producing content for a while now but gained a lot of traction in 2020 for his Among Us streams.

This alleged corpse husband's face reveal just showed how fvcked up our world is.You guys think Corpse is this mega-hot guy, then y'all start bullying him when he didn't meet your standards.Wtf are these tweets... No wonder why he's scared to show his face.

He has developed a massive following on YouTube ever since, with over seven million subscribers.

Naturally, this raises expectations for a face reveal. Corpse Husband has used an array of avatars over the last few months, but things got pretty intense when an image gained traction the other day that claimed to show his face.

Honest patrons of Corpse Husband call out others for their double standards

The post gained traction as soon as it was put on the internet. However, several other images were added to the mix, which more or less iterated how the face reveal was nothing but a sham.

Not everyone was convinced that it was Corpse Husband. Sadly, hate started pouring in soon after, with people insulting the physical appearance of those in the images.

Corpse Husband face reveal! not as he advertised, sorry fangirls, lol.#corpsehusband
@MrsMilling1021 @Reptile_Penguin girl if he was hot he would be showing his face
@TheRandomA_YT The worst thing is he NEVER self proclaimed himself to be this super handsome dude or stg, people were the ones doing that bc of his voice. Anyway, even if that’s him or not, I hope he’s ok, he has mentioned his severe anxiety so many times, this is sad
@TheRandomA_YT Personally I'll love him no matter what. I believe everyone is attractive in there own way and yes I mean both personality and physically. Also he doesn't show his face due to mental issues that go deeper then being famous.
@mayamaraj2 @MrsMilling1021 @Reptile_Penguin corpse mentioned that he cuts his face right before streams bc of stress. maybe thats y he doesnt want to face reveal since he has scars.
@Reptile_Penguin What if this is an old photo of him and he’s had a major glow up since then?, but judging how everyone is reacting he’ll probably never reveal how he looks today
@john_yild @mayamaraj2 @MrsMilling1021 I'd have insecurities too if I looked like this

This caused a ripple on the internet, with a section of the YouTuber's fans calling out others for their double standards, implying how they started bullying Corpse because he didn't meet their beauty standards.

On the flip side, his fans also blamed others for being too inquisitive and for invading Corpse Husband's privacy.

This isn't the first time people have called out the faceless streamer for a face reveal. He, on the other hand, has iterated how a face reveal is inevitable because of how far technology has come.

Be that as it may, the constant demands have really irked Corpse, also forcing him to take a break from streaming.

With what transpired on Twitter the other day, it's pretty clear why Corpse Husband doesn't want to reveal his face. And rightly so.

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