The unsuspected rise of Corpse Husband

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Over the course of a few months, Corpse Husband achieved rapid success, but that success was out of the ordinary for anyone who has followed his career since it began in 2015.

It is well known that Corpse Husband has hosted a horror narration YouTube Channel since 2015. Corpse put in years of work on YouTube but still didn't have enough to pay the bills.

Corpse Husband had to pay for his mom’s rent and his own medical bills which stacked up over time. By the beginning of September 2020, he was in a mountain of medical debt and was not able to afford the rent. Corpse described the month before he blew up as the last month which he had any money for his debts and bills.

When his friend David Paul Brown introduced Corpse to other friends, his situation changed. David Paul Brown, known as ‘BoyInABand’ on YouTube, introduced Corpse Husband to PewDiePie and JackSepticEye. These new friendships lead to other new friendships which gave Corpse notoriety.

In September, Corpse Husband started to play Among Us with some of the biggest named YouTubers. PewDiePie, H20 Delirious, JackSepticEye, Cartoonz, JaidenAnimations, Pokimane, and eventually Dream and Disguised Toast were some of the gamers that played with Corpse Husband. Corpse Husband collaborated with so many different Among Us groups that it was hard not to notice him on YouTube.




The timeline of when Corpse was about to lose everything is vague. It is safe to say that it is around September to October because Corpse once stated that the month he blew up was the month he almost lost everything. By the end of October, Corpse had over three million subscribers, and by the end of November, he had over five million subscribers.


Corpse ended 2020 nearing seven million subscribers. He said that his life had changed in a month and he is very open about how grateful he is to his fanbase for supporting him when he needed it. As of today, Corpse Husband has well over 7 million subscribers and doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon.

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JackSepticEye tells the story of how David Paul Brown introduced Corpse Husband to PewDiePie and himself

Here is a video posted in November 2020 where JackSepticEye details how he met Corpse Husband.


This is an incredibly detailed take on the situation because Jack had said this just as Corpse started growing in popularity. In the video, he makes it clear that without David and PewDiePie he would not have met Corpse. He says specifically:

“... Like I invited Corpse to [Among Us] sessions but Dave invited Corpse to our MadLads groups… He played some Rocket League with Felix and Dave and then we did some stuff… So really, Dave’s the one who got Corpse into the group. Dave is how I met Corpse and Dave is how Felix met Corpse as well and by extension everybody else then...”

It is interesting to note how one person can make a difference in someone’s life. David Brown appears to have been instrumental in introducing Corpse to the wide range of friends he has today. Without David, it’s safe to say Corpse wouldn’t have reached stardom as quickly as he did.

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