“She started tearing up”: Valkyrae on being emotional with Pokimane at The Streamer Awards 2022

Valkyrae and Pokimane are good friends (Images via Valkyrae/YouTube)
Valkyrae and Pokimane are good friends (Images via Valkyrae/YouTube)

During one of her most recent streams, Rachel “Valkyrae” discussed her time during The Streamer Awards on March 13. The show received tons of positive feedback.

Mentioning one of the final awards presented during the ceremony, Rae talked about how emotional her friend and fellow Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” got when a highlight reel for her Legacy Award started playing. Starting to get a bit emotional on stream, the YouTube streaming star mentioned:

“Poki was sitting next to me, and I looked over her, and she was started tearing up.”

Valkyrae talks about her emotional experience at The Streamer Awards show


Valkyrae was seen livestreaming the day after The Streamer Awards ceremony concluded. During the initial hours of her stream, before playing Valorant, the 100 Thieves co-owner spoke about her experience and the good times she had during the awards ceremony.

She discussed various topics, where one of the subjects included her talking about Pokimane’s emotional response to getting the Legacy Award during the awards show.


Recounting her experience, Valkyrae mentioned how she started crying as she watched one of her best friends receive a prestigious award during the ceremony:

“Oh my gosh! When Poki, they showed; Poki won the Legacy Award, it was at the very end, and they showed like this highlight reel, and I was crying!”

She continued explaining the moment:

“I could just tell that she was so grateful and she felt so appreciated. So I started sobbing because she was just sobbing, and it was so cute. It was actually so cute. Loved it so much. That video was so so so cute.”

Valkyrae mentioned that she was extremely happy for Pokimane:

“I am so glad she won because I really do think she deserves it. She really has paved the way for so many gamers and streamers. She’s been around forever. She’s been like, you know, the first to do so many things in this industry, so it was well deserved. It was so cute!”

The streamer soon hopped into the competitive world of Valorant, where Pokimane herself joined her. Other streamers like Disguised Toast, QuarterJade, and Sydeon played with her as well.

Twitter reacts to Pokimane winning Legacy Award at The Streamer Awards

Audiences on Twitter were seen spreading positivity around Pokimane winning the well-deserved Legacy Award at The Streamer Awards show.

@pokimanelol LETS GOOOOO!! Deserved
@pokimanelol You deserve it! You've done so much and inspired so many people. Thank you for existing and congratulations!!

Many well-known and big-name individuals were seen in the comments section, congratulating and applauding the star streamer.

@pokimanelol WELL DESERVED QUEEN 💘💗💖❤️💗💘
@pokimanelol MY STREAMER!!!!! congrats imane 🥺🤍 it is absolutely CRAZY to see how far you’ve come
@pokimanelol Well deserved! ♥️🥳♥️♥️

The Streamer Awards was a huge success as more than three hundred thousand concurrent viewers enjoyed the show. Some awards received a bit of backlash from viewers, even as Ludwig won the flagship award: Streamer of the Year.

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