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Valkyrae forced to turn her Twitter account private due to harassment from "delusional stalker" 

YouTube Image Via Valkyrae
YouTube Image Via Valkyrae
Modified 14 Jan 2021, 10:18 IST

Valkyrae had to make her Twitter account private after repeated harassment from a stalker on the platform. Supposedly, it is the same person who continues to make new accounts to harass Valkyrae.

Valkyrae would block them, and they would then make a new account to continue commenting and seeing posts.

To combat that, Valkyrae chose the private option, and only current followers at the time could see her tweets. It appears that she made her account public again a short time after.

When she made the Twitter private, Valkyrae tweeted out a statement.

"Unfortunately have to keep my account private until this delusional stalker dies. He's made hundreds of accounts for months." 

After explaining her move, she wondered about a Twitter option that could help others in similar situations.

"Would love if Twitter had blocking options where the user can't interact with an account that has blocked another account from the same device or something."

The Tweet ended there, but it certainly brought up a good idea that would help streamers like her, but who knows if it will be something Twitter uses any time soon.


Valkyrae and other female streamers who have faced harassment from stalkers

Valkyrae isn't the only female streamer to face harassment from a stalker that makes life far more difficult and even scary. She's simply the latest example in a string of high profile female streamers who can't escape the problem.

Pokimane has talked about stalkers multiple times and went into detail for one in 2019. She mentioned that he had been emailing her and insulting her for years at that point. That stalker wasn't the only one, and she mentioned noticing what chat says as well.

In July of 2020, Sweet Anita tweeted out a thread explaining her stalker situation at the time. The police department didn't know how to help her, and she expressed total concern about the possibility of her stalking getting to her home.


She felt stuck between the police's help and not being able to release public information because of the danger from other potential stalkers. Pokimane tweeted out her support for that.

BrookeAB was one of the latest cases in October of 2020. Her ordeal took place over a six-month span. With the FBI and other teams' help for a while, she eventually reached a conclusion.

Twitter has taken the necessary action, and Valkyrae's account has now been restored to public.

Regardless of one stalker being dealt with, it is clearly a problem as female streamers become more prominent on Twitch and other platforms.

Published 14 Jan 2021, 07:13 IST
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