"Shut the f**k up": Valkyrae shuts down toxic viewer on live stream

Image via Valkyrae
Image via Valkyrae

Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter laid into a toxic viewer live on her stream after they were supposedly insulting the streamers she was playing with.

So far, there is no exact version of what happened on Valkyrae's stream, especially when it comes to the specific clip of her shutting down the viewer. However, there is a reasonably constant story going around, which coincides with what Valkyrae said.

A user named Aron Molina was supposedly making comments towards Sonii or Sykkuno. Valkyrae was quick to defend her friends, of course, and she had already set a precedent to stop talking about them. Apparently, in the stream chat logs, Aron said lines such as "He's not even funny" and "He's just annoying."

Valkyrae plays Among Us with the usual crew (Image via: Valkyrae)
Valkyrae plays Among Us with the usual crew (Image via: Valkyrae)

Unfortunately, there is no way to know who the lines were geared towards. They were likely towards Sonii and Sykkuno, based on Valkyrae's reaction.

After the streamer had enough of the comments, she went full cam for a moment on stream without saying anything. She then sat in silence for a few moments before addressing the camera. Valkyrae quickly said, "Aron Molina, shut the f**k up. Thank you." Then she exited full cam and went back to the game.

Valkyrae's recent stream that ended abruptly


Valkyrae's abrupt stream the other day started when plenty of different viewers were making toxic comments in her chat about her or other streamers. Those comments started while Valkyrae was playing Among Us. She addressed the poisonous behavior from some users, but it would turn out not to work very well as the stream went on.

Based on what Valkyrae said, non-members of the chat were bickering with members and causing a toxic environment for everyone involved. Valkyrae was clearly becoming fed up with the arguments and addressed the problems yet again.

"I give up at this point. I don't know why. If that's the kind of community you want to be; just sh**ting on each other, being toxic and stuff, then maybe it's my fault for raising you this way. I don't know ."

Valkyrae is known for being an uplifting streamer with a relatively welcoming community. That her community was toxic that day was concerning to her as her stream career continues to grow.

Before ending her stream, she claimed she was disappointed in her chat, saying:

"I'm going to end stream. I'm not having fun."

From there, the stream was put to a merciful end.

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