Warzone Mobile might be released later in 2022

Activision's Warzone mobile title may be released later this year, according to insiders (Image via Activision)
Activision's Warzone mobile title may be released later this year, according to insiders (Image via Activision)

A few months ago, there were leaks about the concept of a mobile Warzone Battle Royale exclusive title from Activision. Since then, Activision has posted multiple job listings, suggesting that a new title is currently under development. Obviously, COD Mobile players will be extremely curious about these new developments as it directly targets their current interest in battle royale and multiplayer games on their mobile devices.

A new story has emerged after a tweet by an established industry insider seemed to confirm that Warzone Mobile is coming to the market later in 2022. This piece of news comes after Activision confirmed their upcoming ventures in PC and console, with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 being confirmed as stand-alone titles. While there has been no confirmation from Activision yet, industry insider Tom Henderson is positive the title will be released later this year.

The 4th Call of Duty title I'm referring to is Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. Not much is known, but it's expected to release this year.

Ferg predicted Warzone Mobile stand-alone title along back in 2021

Popular COD Mobile YouTuber and content creator iFerg predicted that Activision was going to introduce another mobile title back in 2021. It is currently unknown if he had information from anyone involved with the game's development, but had tweeted and spoken about the upcoming title multiple times on his streams.

I can’t believe we’re getting a new COD Mobile, wow..

Obviously, a few players in the community will not be happy with this development, considering a lot of them have spent exorbitant amounts of money to buy weapon skins and other cosmetics in the existing COD Mobile title.

Furthermore, there will be no cross progression between the two mobile titles since the upcoming mobile title is apparently being developed on Unreal Engine, according to the leaks. It seems that new studios have joined Activision for the sole purpose of developing the new COD Mobile title.

Nevertheless, players can expect to receive a notification about beta gameplay from Activision if the upcoming mobile title is set to be released later this year. Similar to COD Mobile in 2019, a few months of beta testing can be expected before the title is officially launched.

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