Will Outriders have PvP mode?: Developers answers question about the game design, storyline, and more

Developers talk about the possibility of PvP and more in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Developers talk about the possibility of PvP and more in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Since the release of Outriders on April 1st, many players have wondered if the game will have a PvP mode in the future.


Square Enix revealed that the developers have no plans to introduce a PvP mode in Outriders. Instead, their goal is to create the "best single-player and co-op RPG shooter" available for players.

Having said that, the developers have also confirmed that the game follows the main storyline with various side quests to engage players further. Additionally, the game's co-op mode allows up to three players to join the same lobby to pursue the Outriders storyline.

According to the developers,

"OUTRIDERS is a story-driven RPG-Shooter that will put the player in the shoes of an Outrider, the last hope of the human race trapped on Enoch, a dangerous and untamed planet."

Players can either choose to play the entire campaign themselves or with two other players in the co-op.

Developers discuss the future of Outriders

According to the official FAQ released by Square Enix, Outriders will not have microtransactions in the game. Players will be able to explore and enjoy every aspect of the game by simply purchasing it for the first time.

The developers have also confirmed that they are currently focused on improving the game by rectifying bugs and glitches that have been discovered after its release. Having said that, the entire plan for Outriders is fairly straightforward for the developers.

Apart from presenting players with an enthralling main quest, the game features many side quests that can take 2-3 times longer to complete than the main quest. Confirming the same, the developers said,

"Focusing on just the main campaign by itself on a single class will take around 25-30 hours, but it will take 2-3 times that long if you play all the side quests, post-campaign and additional content in Outriders. We’ve made sure that there’s no right or wrong way to play the game and that you’ll always have a great experience."

They have also confirmed that the reason behind this is to create an experience that has something to offer for everyone. Players who wish to focus on the main story can do so without dealing with a single side-quest.

However, for players who enjoy the whole experience that Outriders offers, there is a lot of discoverable content.

Outriders can become one of the best single-player/co-op RPG shooter games once the developers resolve all recurring issues.

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