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The best Solo class in Outriders

The best solo class in Outriders
The best solo class in Outriders
Modified 04 Apr 2021

There are four classes in Outriders, with each of them featuring their own unique utilities, abilities, and skills. However, choosing the ideal class for solo queuing in Outriders can be tricky for new players.

The four classes in Outriders are:

  • Devastator - Ideal for close-range combat
  • Pyromancer - Ideal for mid-range combat
  • Technomancer - Ideal for long-range combat
  • Trickster - Ideal for close-range high-pace combat

After a couple of rounds in the game, there is no doubt about the strongest solo class in Outriders. The Devastator is by far the best class available in Outriders for new players to select.

Apart from being able to deal massive bursts of damage in close-range combat, the Devastator class also presents a great deal of sustainability in the game. Additionally, the Devastator class also heals the player for 24% of their maximum health points for every close-range kill they earn in the game.

Combining all of these features together makes the Devastator class ideal for solo players in Outriders.

The Devastator class in Outriders


Apart from being the class with the highest amount of sustain in Outriders, Devastators also feature a surreal amount of health regeneration in the game. On top of that, the Devastator class tree can be upgraded using class points to enhance the sustainability of this class in Outriders.

The Devastator Class Tree in Outriders (Image via Outriders Fandom)
The Devastator Class Tree in Outriders (Image via Outriders Fandom)

Each class in Outriders features eight unique skills that can be unlocked as the class level increases. Initially, every class is equipped with one skill, with each extra skill being unlocked at a specific level.

Here are the skills of a Devastator class character in Outriders, as well as the levels at which they are unlocked:

  1. Earthquake - Unlocked at level 1
  2. Golem - Unlocked at level 3
  3. Gravity Leap - Unlocked at level 4
  4. Reflect Bullets - Unlocked at level 6
  5. Impale - Unlocked at level 9
  6. Tremor - Unlocked at level 13
  7. Boulderdash - Unlocked at level 17
  8. Endless Mass - Unlocked at level 22.

Having said that, the other three classes in Outriders are also efficient when it comes to playing with coordinated teamwork. As far as solo games are concerned, the Devastator class is undoubtedly the best for sustaining a lot of damage while also dealing most of it back to the enemies.

Considering that the developers are determined to present a perfectly balanced experience for players, all of the pre-existing classes in Outriders could receive a revamp in the near future.

Published 04 Apr 2021, 19:05 IST
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