Outriders' "no HUD" glitch on PC: Here is how players can fix the problem

Everything to know about solving the hud glitch in Outriders on PCs
Everything to know about solving the hud glitch in Outriders on PCs
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

Since the launch of Outriders on April 1st, PC players have been facing a glitch where the in-game HUD disappears.

Given that Outriders features combat-heavy gameplay, the in-game HUD is crucial for checking the player's health and ability cooldowns. It can be a frustrating experience for players when the HUD suddenly disappears due to the glitch.

Considering that it has only been a few days since the game's release, a few bugs and glitches are bound to be in the game. The developers are working hard to fix these issues at the earliest and ensure a better in-game experience for players.

Having said that, there are a couple of methods that players can use to overcome the "no HUD" glitch on PC for Outriders.

How to fix "no HUD" glitch in Outriders PC

As far as the no HUD glitch in Outriders PC is concerned, the most likely cause behind it is unresponsive shaders. Forcing the shaders to reload themselves is a possible fix to make the HUD reappear in Outriders.

Here are a few methods by which players can force the in-game shaders to reload.

  • Reset HUD settings from in-game Menu: Players will need to open the in-game menu and click on the "Options" button. After that, the player needs to select the HUD tab and turn off all available features under that tab and save the settings. After that, the player has to reactivate all the options under the HUD tab and save the settings again.
  • Force load a different screen: Players can do this by either simply heading back to the in-game lobby or fast-traveling to a new location on the map.

Performing either of these two tasks should help players reload their in-game shaders and overcome the no HUD glitch in Outriders PC.

The developers should remove these bugs and glitches from Outriders soon enough via a hotfix patch.

Until then, players can follow the steps mentioned in this article to overcome the same on PCs.

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