Wuthering Waves server opening time and global release countdown

Wuthering Waves
Players are excited for Wuthering Waves to launch (Image via Kuro Game Studio)

The eagerly anticipated video game Wuthering Waves will officially debut on May 23, 2024, at 10:00 (UTC+8). Players worldwide are thrilled about this event, as the game is currently available for pre-download on its official website. This game works on PC, Android, and iOS, offering a smooth cross-platform experience with data-sharing options.

Players can install the game's client by following easy instructions, ensuring it's ready for the global release. When the server opens, a notification will let players know, enabling them to start their adventure right away.

How to pre-download Wuthering Waves on PC and Mobile

Players can install the game client on their selected platform by following these pre-download instructions before the launch. Wuthering Waves enables seamless gameplay on any device by supporting data-sharing across various platforms, including PC, Android, and iOS.

How to pre-download on a PC

Go to the official website to get started. Next, navigate to the pre-download area and choose the "Windows" button. After downloading, run the installer and adhere to the prompts on the screen to finish the installation.

How to pre-download on Android

Google Play Store page of the title (Image via Google Play Store)
Google Play Store page of the title (Image via Google Play Store)

Launch your web browser and navigate to the official website. Select "Get it on Google Play" from the screen. After that, it will go to the Play Store, where you can click on "Download."

How to pre-download on iOS

Open Safari on your iOS device and go to the game's official website to begin the download process. To access the App Store, click on the "Download on the App Store" button. Click the download option to start the game installation process from the App Store.

Players will notice an announcement on their screens before the server opening that reads, "Wuthering Waves will launch on 2024/05/23 10:00 (UTC+8)." This is to verify that the game client has been installed properly and is prepared for the server to open. It is recommended that players wait until the servers are operational before starting their journey.

The pre-download feature guarantees that any player can begin their adventure right off the bat, playing the game as soon as it's made accessible.

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