xQc showcases his Steam Replay 2022, reveals playing 159 games

xQc reviews his Steam Replay 2022 live on stream (Image via xQc/Twitch)
xQc checks his Steam Replay 2022 on stream (Image via xQc/Twitch)

After taking a day off for Christmas, Twitch sensation Felix "xQc" returned to livestreaming on December 27. The streamer showcased his Steam Replay 2022 during the stream. Similar to Spotify Wrapped, Steam Replay gives players a quick glance at the highlights of their entire year in gaming, including stats for their most played titles and the achievements they've unlocked.

According to the stats shown in his Steam Replay, xQc played 159 games in the last year, with tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being his most-played game of the year.

While reviewing the metrics, the French-Canadian personality stated that they were "bad," adding that he did not play many games in 2022. He then claimed that his "new era" of streaming would be "massive."


"159 games is really bad" - xQc reacts to his Steam Replay 2022

Fans asked Felix to review his annual gaming stats on Steam at the one-hour mark of his December 27 livestream. He initially did not understand how to access Steam Replay 2022 and sought the assistance of his viewers:

"Steam Replay? What is that? Do I have to go on Steam to do it? How? Chat, explain to me. How? Scroll down?"

After he opened up the app, xQc speculated that the figures would be "bad." He then began reading the contents of his Steam page out loud:

"Not a lot of games played this year, going to be honest. Counter-Strike 10% of the time. Okay. 82 (new) games. That's really bad! 159 games is really bad. RUST 9%. (Call of Duty): Modern Warfare II 8%. I haven't played a lot of CoD, to be honest though."

Timestamp: 01:28:08

The former Overwatch pro was surprised to discover that he had 473 Steam Achievements across 159 games in 2022. He remarked:

"That's it?! Oh, that's alarming! It's okay, though, because this new era, chat, is going to be massive! Massive! Also, tomorrow we're probably doing Ultima. I'm feeling better now. I'm feeling better, and I'm feeling in shape. I'm not sick anymore."

The annual recap concluded with the 27-year-old telling his fans that a "new era" of livestreaming was about to begin:

"It is not the same s**t every year, guys! I'm telling you, chat. Guys, it is actual new era! Not kidding!"

Fans react to the streamer's Steam Replay 2022

There were quite a few fan reactions in the YouTube comment section, with several community members sharing their opinions on Felix's comments:

Fans in the YouTube comments provide their take on the streamer's Steam Replay 2022 (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments provide their take on the streamer's Steam Replay 2022 (Image via xQc Clips/YouTube)

xQc began his livestreaming career in 2016 and is currently one of the biggest content creators on Twitch. He has amassed over 11.4 million followers and has an average viewership of 56,036 during his gaming streams.

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