"You just put a hole in my wall" - Kai Cenat left speechless after Blueface's girlfriend, Chrisean Rock throws chair during livestream

Kai Cenat speechless at Chrisean
Kai Cenat speechless at Chrisean's misdemeanour (Image via Twitch)

Twitch star and AMP House member Kai Cenat's recent big-name collaboration did not end how he would have imagined. In his latest stream, popular American rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock were among the few who were invited. However, Chrisean was seen recklessly throwing a chair on a wall in Kai's room, leaving a hole.

Since the wall was not in view of the camera, viewers were unable to see to what degree the damage was. However, one can assume from seeing Kai's blank face that the latter was disappointed at the reckless behavior.

Reacting to the chair causing a dent in his room, Kai solemnly said:

"You just put a hole in my wall"

"You're rich, you can fix it" - Chrisean responds to creating a hole in Kai Cenat's wall

Kai Cenat is no stranger when it comes to collaborating with big names from the rap industry. Earlier this month, he streamed with 21 Savage. However, his latest collaboration turned out to be less fortunate as Blueface's current girlfriend Chrisean Rock tossed a chair directly at the wall of Kai's room, causing a dent.

Seeing the apparent malfeasance, Kai said:

"Woah, Woah, Woah, you put a hole in my wall"

(Timestamp: 02:35:28)

In response, Chrisean stated:

"My bad chat...you rich, you can fix it."

A visibly confused Kai Cenat went on to say:

"Gosh, you just put a hole in the wall."

Chrisean, who appeared to be unbothered by her supposed misdemeanor, responded by simply adding a peal of laughter. Seeing the entire incident, Bluefaced chimed in by adding:

"Why you do that to Kai's Air B&B"

Kai Cenat replied:

"Air B&B? This is my house. This my house."

Upon being confronted by Chrisean, the streamer said:

"Nah, nah, I'm just saying this is expensive. I don't really care about it but damn you feel what I'm saying. Like, it's cool though, It wasn't intentional."

"Kai instantly regretted this stream" - Fans share their reaction to Kai's stream

Fans shared their reactions to Chrisean damaging Kai's wall. Many commented that inviting the couple into the stream was not the best of ideas. It should be noted that Blueface is presently on bail following his arrest for attempted murder.

Here are some of the reactions to his stream:

For those wondering, Blueface was arrested earlier this month for his alleged involvement in a shooting on October 8. A video was found where the rapper appeared to have wielded a gun. A preliminary hearing for his trial is set to take place in January 2023.

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