“Your YPP suspension followed your now-deleted tweet” - YouTube confirms the reason for demonetizing The Act Man’s channel

YouTube recently provided a reason for The Act Man's channel demonetization (Image via Sportskeeda)
YouTube recently provided a reason for The Act Man's channel demonetization (Image via Sportskeeda)

YouTube content creator The Act Man's battle against Quantum TV reached a new height yesterday after the former got his YouTube channel demonetized by the video-sharing platform's staff.

Later in the day, YouTube's official Twitter account provided context towards the content creator's recent demonetization.

@TheActMan_YT as discussed, your YPP suspension followed your now-deleted tweet threatening to dox the families of YouTube employees & creators. we don’t take these decisions lightly & want you to know we’re taking your concerns just as seriously. we’ll keep working with you directly on this

YouTube clarifies why The Act Man's channel was demonetized

YouTube finally provided context for the content creator's recent suspension from the YouTube Partner Program and his channel's demonetization.

According to YouTube's official Twitter handle (@TeamYouTube), Act Man's suspension was enforced because of some tweets that threatened to dox the family members of the platform's creators and employees.

The YouTuber shared some of the deleted tweets, which directly pointed out YouTube's inaction after Quantum TV doxxed his family. In the now-deleted tweet, the creator claimed that he would be starting a new video series called "Doxing Adventures w/ Act Man."

While I appreciate this, the tweet was unmistakable satire of YouTube's inaction to do anything about my family being doxed by another content creator.Common sense would suggest being a victim of doxing, that I would never wish doxing on other people seriously.…
Context. This is the one and only reason they demonetized my channel

The YouTuber provided more context towards the updates posted on the social media platform.

Fans react to YouTube's statement

While community members did not appreciate YouTube's official statement, several fans clarified that The Act Man never wanted to intentionally dox anyone's personal information.

@TeamYouTube @TheActMan_YT When did he ever threaten people???
@TeamYouTube @TheActMan_YT When did he even say that???
@Hyper_Falcon @TeamYouTube @TheActMan_YT…

Twitch sensation Zack "Asmongold" provided his take on the controversy and hoped that the situation would soon escalate to a real lawsuit.

@TeamYouTube @TheActMan_YT Why is this happening? This entire thing is so surreal to me.A big part of me hopes this turns into an actual lawsuit because I can't even begin to make sense out of any of itI'd love to find out what's actually going on as I'm sure many others would as well

Twitter users pointed out that the YouTuber was making satirical comments to call out the platform's decision to defend Quantum TV.

@RoseGoldenPetal @TeamYouTube @TheActMan_YT I've seen people Twitter banned for lesser threats of violence, and just as satirical. And by Twitter banned, I mean hardware banned. I don't think the big corporate algorithms like satirical threats of violence.

Several fans on Twitter could not believe YouTube's statement and wanted the Google-owned platform to restore the content creator's channel.

@TeamYouTube @TheActMan_YT Do the right thing, restore his channel, and recover some credibility among the creators for doing so. There is not a single person on earth who believes this isn't satire, it is clearly a joke, rather ironic since it's based on how you have handled this entire situation.

Esports personality and co-owner of Full Squad Gaming, Jake Lucky provided his take on the ongoing drama.

YouTube have confirmed the reason for demonetizing The Act Man and removing him from the partner program for his "threat" to dox YouTube employees, despite the tweet clearly being satire as Quantum TV was threatening to dox Act Man and his family during their long feud
All of this sparked with Quantum TV being called out for the abuse of the YT copyright system, and now a month and a half later it's still ongoing with some unbelievable stuffPhilly D got word from YouTube and is having Act Man on tonight as well, can't wait.

The Act Man has been shrouded in controversy ever since he first criticized Quantum TV's questionable take on Elden Ring. The former also called out the latter's unethical ways of copyright striking other content creators whenever they criticized him.

Quantum TV then went on to get in touch with The Act Man's mother and doxxed his personal information. The altercation did not go well with Act Man for clear reasons and he was forced to release another video exposing Quantum TV's antics.

However, on June 9, Act Man revealed that his latest, one-hour-long video titled "The Dark Age of YouTube" was removed from the platform after the video-sharing platform's staff claimed that the video contained n*dity and s*xual content.

Following this, Act Man's entire channel was demonetized and he was soon removed from the YouTube Partner Program.

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