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Youtuber reveals the stereotypes behind the colors in Among Us

Image via InnerSloth - Among Us
Image via InnerSloth - Among Us
Tee Kay
Modified 09 Nov 2020, 20:31 IST

Youtuber CheezeCakes recently posted a video on his channel, revealing the stereotypes behind most of the colors Among Us.

Developed by InnerSloth, Among Us has taken the internet by storm. Apart from being a breakout video game in 2020, Among Us has also led to the rise of memes on social media platforms. It is also known for the many colors that different players get to use for their characters. The multiple colors in Among Us also come with multiple stereotypes. CheezeCakes, a YouTuber known for his Among Us videos, has recently revealed a list of stereotypes that players often associate with these colors.

Let's take a look at what the player had to say about the colors in Among Us.

Stereotypes associated with colors in Among Us

Red - Red is the color that finds itself being suspected almost all the time. Red is also the color which is seldom the impostor in Among Us. According to the YouTuber,

"everyone suspect him for no fricking reason, is not mostly the impostor"

White - White is the most believable color Among Us. According to CheezeCakes,

"they believe in him[White] so much that they can vote out themselves for white"

Orange - Being one of the chattiest players in the room, Orange is most often found to be a Crewmate with superior investigation skills. CheezeCakes says,

"the most chatty person in the room, is mostly a crewmate, has a higher iq than 100"

Black - Often found to be the gifted investigator in a team, Black is often found to be quite while trying to deduce who the Impostor might be. The YouTuber believes,

"is a literal sherlock holmes, stays quite until he knows who the impostor is"

Yellow - The 'average dude,' Yellow can often be the first person to be found dead in a game. Not the most trusted guy on the ship but Yellow can be often seen accusing others randomly. CheezeCakes feels,

"suspects everyone randomly, not many people believe in him, is mostly the first person to be killed"

Purple - Rumored to be one of the most picked Impostor in Among Us, avoiding a trip to Electrical with Purple is highly advised. CheezeCakes opinion about Purple is,

"the most dangerous person, never go in electrical with him, is mostly the impostor."

For now, these are all the colors that the YouTuber has revealed. The next time anyone steps into a public lobby, make sure to remember these stereotypes.

Published 09 Nov 2020, 20:31 IST
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