YouTuber Sky Williams tied to abuse in Smash Bros. Community

(Image Credit: Dot Esports)
(Image Credit: Dot Esports)

Sky Williams is a well known personality within both the League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. communities. He has recently found himself at the center of multiple abuse allegations tied to the recent wave of sexual abuse in the Super Smash Bros. community.

Who is Sky Williams

Williams became a well known YouTuber and streamer through League of Legends when he published multiple comedic rants about the game that would eventually spread throughout the community. Sky also grew an audience through his participation in competitive Super Smash Bros. events wherein he would meet many of the recently outed abusers.

This success eventually led to his owning multiple gaming houses, although never more than one at the same time, where many Smash Bros. community members would stay and pay rent. Whichever house Sky currently owned would be referred to by the moniker “Sky House” by those who lived there.

The allegations against Sky Williams

Allegations against Sky Williams have to do with his toxic behavior and abuse of anyone who lived with him at any given moment. This includes enforcing arbitrary house rules, lashing out anyone who questioned his authority, gross irresponsibility, borrowing money with no intention of paying it back, and social manipulation, also known as gaslighting.

Perhaps most damning, however, is that many of the recently outed sexual abusers within the Super Smash Bros. community all lived at one of the Sky Houses in the past, meaning that multiple underage people would be abused under Sky Williams’s roof. Given the methods used to abuse these underage people, it would be difficult to believe that Sky Williams knew nothing about the rampant sexual abuse happening within his own home.

Williams facilitated the type of abuse rampant in the Smash Bros. community

It would be hard to ignore the connection between Williams’s own abuse and the abuse perpetrated by his roommates. According to the allegations, Williams would do things like threaten to break his roommates' things in retaliation for one of them inviting someone over without getting permission.

In another instance, he threatened to spend money needed for food, utilities, and house payments on things he “needed to feel comfortable” to punish his roommates for accidentally walking into his room.

This kind of behavior is easy to dismiss as childish, but it is important to note that abusive behavior is something to be taken seriously. Not only does it reflect poorly on the Smash Bros. community and others, it shows that Williams both perpetuated an abusive environment and passively ignored the abuse conducted by the people he surrounded himself with.

Hopefully he will realize the harm his action and his inaction did, and begin to work to make amends.

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