YouTuber SmallAnt accidentally resets on Shiny Pokemon in new challenge video

Image via SmallAnt on YouTube
Image via SmallAnt on YouTube
Joey Carr

One of the biggest crazes in the Pokemon community on YouTube for the past year or so has been challenge videos. Essentially, YouTubers will take a challenge from their community and beat a specific Pokemon game while completing the challenge. For example, "Beat Pokemon Emerald by only using a Magikarp", was one of the most popular tasks that YouTubers took on this and last year.

However, one YouTuber by the name of SmallAnt has taken the challenges to an extreme. He goes live on Twitch to complete the task set out for him and doesn't start another challenge until that one is complete. His most popular is "Beating Pokemon Platinum without taking any damage".

Though, his most recent video is perhaps even more mind-boggling but not because of its difficultly. SmallAnt was challenged with beating Pokemon SoulSilver but only using Shinies. The video itself is quite amazing but not as spectacular as the YouTuber accidentally resetting on a Shiny.

SmallAnt resets on Shiny Pokemon in new YouTube challenge video


This challenge was streamed for months due to its sheer luck-based outcome. SmallAnt was required to catch Pokemon but they all had to be of the Shiny variety. This essentially means they need to be a different color.

The chances of encountering a Shiny in the wild is 1/8,192. For SmallAnt, he had to catch a full team of all Shinies. This meant resetting until he got his starter Pokemon as a Shiny along with the rest of his team in SoulSilver.

In order to complete this task, it took SmallAnt over 58 hours and 16,879 resets across several streams. However, there was a moment in the middle that shocked his community. While trying to encounter a Shiny Electrode, the YouTuber was reading his chat and not really paying attention. During this, a Shiny blue Electrode popped up on screen and without noticing, SmallAnt reset thinking it was a normal Pokemon.

Image via SmallAnt
Image via SmallAnt

After resetting on the Shiny, his chat went ballistic with cries of "Noooooo!" When the YouTuber finally realized what he'd done, all he could muster was a weak "no" and then a laugh of utter disappointment. It's safe to say SmallAnt will pay more attention when doing runs like this in the future but after 15,000 resets up to that point, who can blame him for not noticing?

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