Nickmercs refuses to delete Twitch VODs, says he is willing to risk getting sued

(Image Credit: Esports Talk/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Esports Talk/YouTube)

Nickmercs has refused to delete any of his VODs in the wake of the DMCA apocalypse happening over on Twitch. Recently, almost every big streamer has been sent an email from Twitch regarding inevitable DMCA strikes on channels. This comes after legal pressure, which Twitch doesn't necessarily have control over.

Twitch sent out an email to anyone whose channel had any strikes at all in any of their video on demand's. From what information is out at the moment, it appears that Twitch said they would not be deleting VODs for streamers and they didn't give any exact details on which video on demands were struck.

Something as simple as playing a song on stream can lead to a VOD being struck, and for streamers with years of experience, there are likely more than a few of those.

Rather than risk getting their channels struck and banned for real, many streamers have deleted every single video on demand they have, including Dr Lupo, xQc, and TimTheTatman. However, Nickmercs has taken a different route.

Nickmercs refuses to delete Twitch VODs, says he is willing to risk getting sued

Image Credit: Esports Talk/YouTube
Image Credit: Esports Talk/YouTube

Nickmercs was waiting in a Warzone lobby with TimTheTatman when the discussion came up. The clip in question comes from Esports Talk on YouTube, where the full conversation between the two streamers was displayed.

Nickmercs started the conversation by saying:

"I meant to tell you something this morning, but you've already been dramatic about it, and you've already pulled the trigger."

Nick was referring to Tim deleting all of his VODs instead of risking a channel strike or a possible lawsuit.

Tim responded by saying he talked to someone at Twitch, and the information he was given by them was enough for Tim to promptly delete all the video on demand's on his channel. On the other hand, Nickmercs claimed to have done something similar but he received entirely different info.

The two of them argued about the subject, mostly with jokes, but there was clearly some real debate going, especially considering how serious the topic is.

When Tim told Nick to send him text him what his person claimed, Nick responded with:

"It's too late, you've already done your damage."

This is true for Tim and a whole host of other streamers who would rather not take risks. Tim continued throughout the clip to try to convince Nickmercs that his channel could be DMCA struck at any time now. Nick stayed resolute in his decision saying:

"I went to a different classroom, and I heard some interesting stuff. That's it."

The two streamers ended the conversation with Nick saying Tim's decision wasn't bad, but it's not the one he is going to make. They are both at ease and that's all that matters, is what Nick was getting to.

Clearly Nickmercs got some information that much of the community was in the dark on, and it wasn't given away on stream. But as of now, he is willing to keep all of his VODs and risk the coming consequences if they ever happen.