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Outriders Detour bug: How to fix the Detour mission bug with one simple trick

How to fix the Outriders Detour bug with one simple trick
How to fix the Outriders Detour bug with one simple trick
Modified 06 Apr 2021

Many players are encountering the "Outriders Detour bug" while on a simple mission, which is halting progression. When it comes to bugs, not even the most well-executed game launches without a few of them.

While developers test games properly, minor bugs and glitches can still occur.

Unlike major game-breaking bugs, the "Outriders Detour bug" is simple in nature and does not take anything away from the storyline of the game.

Here's how to fix the Outriders Detour bug with one simple trick

A straightforward quest called "Escort Marshal Bailey & her Captive to Trench Town" left players anxious and furious after a road bug seemed to be blocking the path.

The bug is a missing action prompt that should pop up when players approach the rocks blocking the road. Upon interacting with the prompt, the rocks will get cleared. However, this prompt seems to be missing, and many players have been stuck at this spot in-game.


While it's fairly common for games to have bugs after launch, these particular bugs are a nuisance. They can hamper not just mission completion but the entire progression of the game.

Upon encountering the "Outriders Detour bug," as some players have coined it, gamers trying to complete the mission have been stuck here without any hope.

Here's what a few gamers have said about the situation:


One gamer even stated that he has been stuck on the same mission for three days now.

Despite the "Outriders Detour bug" stopping some players dead in their tracks, there is a very simple trick that may help bypass the bug.

Here's how players can attempt to fix the Detour mission bug:

Players will need to go back to the in-game lobby and begin one stage back from where the bug occurs. Alternatively, players may even need to restart the mission to get rid of the bug. Multiple tries may be needed, but it does work for most players.

If this still does not help squash the "Outriders Detour Bug," those facing this issue may just have to wait for an official patch or update.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 17:30 IST
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