'Pay for free entertainment': How this Twitch streamer turned the entire internet against her

The most entitled and greediest Twitch streamer, BadBunny (Image Credits:
The most entitled and greediest Twitch streamer, BadBunny (Image Credits:
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms out there. It hosts a plethora of personalities from different walks of life. Apart from gaming, there are several avenues where users can stream to chat or simply share their opinions on different topics.

While the monetary incentive is undoubtedly a major attraction, the manner in which a certain Twitch streamer demanded subscriptions from her viewers constitutes a serious case of skewed entitlement. Let's have a look.

The entitled Twitch streamer here goes by the name of BadBunny. She has 169K followers and recently became notorious for being the greediest streamer on the internet.

Known for her controversial nature and having been frequently banned in the past, she has also gone to the extent of berating her viewers for not donating to her channel.

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Twitch streaming gone wrong: Bad Bunny vs the internet

BadBunny is a 33 year-old Twitch streamer who reportedly happens to be a scientist. Due to her entitled persona, BadBunny has come to be known for all the wrong reasons. During a stream, she seemingly lost her cool at the lack of donations and raged out.

I haven't got a donation or sub for an hour ...what the f*** did my whole speech about how I need subs and to get this stream going if you like the content blah blah blah have that result in zero subs?


Showcasing her demanding nature to its core, she further goes on to berate viewers and to says:

5 dollars a month ! How do you have hours to watch me and not 5 dollars a month...I don't know what are you doing with your life where you have hours of time to watch Twitch and not 5 dollars for the content that you're watching!

That's not all, as in another video, she also went to the extent of literally begging for subscriptions:

I respect you and everything you offer, then give me f****** money! That's the way that I register your respect, if you give me money, do you understand?
My value is so much more than all of your value put together, everyone in this chat, like I know that every life has value, but my life is far more valuable.


Some of her other infamous quotes include:

Like how do you think the free entertainment is available to you's because other people actually provide money so you can be a cheap ass.
If you're watching Twitch as a non-donating, non-sub, you are leeching.

Lastly, her tip jar section literally reads "Give me your f****** money." Talk about entitlement.

To get a better understanding of just how toxic she can get, check out the tweet below:

The sheer audacity of a Twitch streamer to outright demand money and moreover the manner in which she does so is not only unethical, but also disrespectful.

Check out some of the comments on the YouTube videos, which indicate a strong sense of disgust and mockery of her entitled persona

Image Credits: YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube

Due to her greediness and distorted sense of entitlement, BadBunny has come to represent the dark side of Twitch for many, having pushed her community to turn against her.

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You can watch the videos below, which highlight Bad Bunny's sense of entitlement as well as the internet's reaction to her personality:



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