Playing Deathmatch while in the queue might be a possibility in future Valorant updates

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Abhishek Mallick

Valorant might be seeing a great deal of changes coming to its Practice Range and Deathmatch game mode.

The Practice Range didn’t receive any major changes ever since Valorant had an official launch in June. However, the Deathmatch game mode did receive some quality of life buffs ever since it was introduced, and it would seem that there will be even more incoming tweaks to it in future patches.

In a recent Reddit post, the Valorant player who goes by the handle of Kryptic6868 opened up a discussion on why “A bots should be introduced in custom games.”

The Redditor wrote:

“It would be good if AI bots are added in custom games so that rookies can practice the angles and crosshair placements in different maps. It would also help in improving our headshots, and our movement across the maps. Also, the bots can be made more challenging by setting different difficulty levels, which the player can adjust according to his/her own convenience.”

Valorant’s Practice map doesn’t exactly have a good AI system that can help you learn angles and improve the usage of ability.

The strafing bots can surely help improve your aim, but they are quite limited to helping a newer player improve on some of the core aspects of Valorant’s gameplay.

League of Legends, on the other hand, has an integrated AI matchmaking mode, which allows players to try out new champions and get a firm grasp of their abilities, along with knowing how to itemize them in-game.

Playing the AI game mode is compulsory for newer players, and they will not be able to match up with other players until they have reached a certain Summoner level.

Valorant fans seem to be asking for a similar system in the shooter as well, and the community might just get what they ask for in a future update.

Valorant might be receiving a lot of changes in Practice Mode and Deathmatch

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

A Valorant dev who goes by the Reddit handle of tehleach opened up on the Reddit thread about some future changes that Riot has been planning for both Deathmatch and Practice mode.

The dev wrote:

“Playing deathmatch while in queue is also something we want to do, but first we need to build the tech to allow players to join an in-progress match so that we can have long-running deathmatches that players flow into and out of - otherwise deathmatches would quickly empty as players found matches. My team is looking at building that tech, but it's a large effort because we made a lot of assumptions in originally building our platform, game client, and game server that matches would always start with the full set of players that would be allowed to connect, and breaking those assumptions creates a lot of work.”

Que times in Valorant’s higher Ranked tiers are abysmally long, and it has pushed many Radiant players into creating smurf accounts in lower elos.

Having something to do while waiting for the client to find a match will be a great solution for handling much of the smurfing issue that has been plaguing Valorant.

However, making it a reality will take some time for the devs to implement, and we might not be seeing this update soon.

When talking about AI bots in Custom matchmaking, tehleach said:

“Bots in customs are another great ask, fragging bots is a great way to learn the game, and also a great way to blow off steam after a long session of getting outpeeked in competitive. As others in this thread have pointed out, we do have SOME bot technology as seen in the range/tutorial. Taking those guys and turning them into more intelligent things capable of playing our standard game mode is also quite challenging, even setting abilities aside. But it is another thing my team is investigating.”

Both these additions are something that Valorant players need, and it would significantly improve the quality of life in the game.

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