PMCO Fall Split 2019, Prelims Day 3 Match 15: TeamIND finishes #10, MEGA Esports finishes #3 , Asterion Myth wins the game

MEGA Esports is leading the table
MEGA Esports is leading the table

PMCO Fall Split 2019 Prelims for Global Finals are being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 15th match of Prelims Day 3 took place in the map Sanhok, from a third-person perspective. The flight path for this match started from Campo Militar and went towards Ladrilerra. The first play-zone formed near the east side of the map, and it circled hot-priority locations such as Los Leones, Impal, and La Bendita.

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Early Game

Team IND’s Kratos was caught in rotation by GoSkilla and this resulted in an early loss for the team. Team IND fled from the scene since they were short on loot. The early game was very passive with most teams trying to get inside the zone.

Asterion Myth wins game 15 of PMCO Fall Split Prelims
Asterion Myth wins game 15 of PMCO Fall Split Prelims

Mid Game

IND lost three members to GoSkilla while they were trying to rush inside the zone. Tempo Storm and SynerGE fought a close battle in a compound and even though SynerGE landed the initial blow, it was Tempo Storm that came victorious with 4 kills. Team INS’s misery continued in game 15th as the entire team was wiped out by Red Canids in an open field.

Late Game

The last surviving member of IND was eliminated by Asterion Myth ending IND's run in the game. MEGA Esports, Asterion Myth and for a change Swat 69 made it to final safe zone of the game. MEGA Esports was the first team to get eliminated as they were in severe height disadvantage compared to other two teams. Swat 69 managed to knock two members of Asterion but with a man advantage, Asterion was able to secure the victory.

INS faced an early exit
INS faced an early exit

Match 15- Miramar TPP

  1. Asterion Myth: 8 kills and 28 points
  2. Swat 69: 7 kills and 21 points
  3. MEGA Esports: 12 kills and 20 points
PMCO Global Prelims Kill Leader board after Match 15
PMCO Global Prelims Kill Leader board after Match 15

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