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PMPL South Asia: Overall standings after day 1

  • PUBG Mobile Pro league starts; 60 matches are to be played in 12 days
  • Entity gaming leads the table followed by Fnatic, SynerGE
Modified 20 Mar 2020, 06:38 IST

PMPL South Asia Season 1
PMPL South Asia Season 1

The PUBG Mobile Pro League kicks off. The league aims to bring the best teams from the region who'll then advance to the World league. The league will last for 3 weeks till 5th April with 4 days being played in a week. 

A total of 5 matches were played on day 1. TSM-Entity started the day with a win and managed to keep them on the top throughout the day. Fnatic also had a very good day as they finished second followed by SynerGE and UMumba Esports. The day followed as: 

#Match - 1

The first match of the league started in Erangel TPP mode between groups A, B, C and D. The plane path following Primorsk to Severny. As the playzone appeared and teams started to rotate towards the zone. TSM Entity held the compound between Pochinki and the bridge area throughout the match. At last, managed to take the first chicken dinner of the season with 4 men alive with 19 kills in total. 

#Match - 2

The second match was again between those groups of the previous match (The same group played till match 4). The flight path started from Ha Tihn and ended on Sahmee. Team Soul engaged in multiple fights and took 15 kills. Eventually, the team survived till the end and took the chicken dinner after eliminating SynerGE in the last. 

#Match - 3

The third match of the day was played on Miramar. The flight path followed. The flight started its path from the prison side and ended towards Torre Ahumada area. The match went good for Fnatic as well as for UMumba Esports as both teams took 10 kills each. But it was UMumba Esports who emerged victorious after having 3v2 advantage against Fnatic. 

#Match - 4

The fourth match was played in Vikendi. The plane's route followed Lumber Yard to Vihar. It was again back to Fnatic and UMumba in the last zone after UMumba eliminated TSM Entity. But Fnatic got 4v3 and playzone advantage over UME. Giving them an easy chicken dinner with 7 kills. 

#Match - 5

The last day of the match was played in Shanok where group E replaced group B. The plane flew from Ban Tai to Ha Tihn. Team PowerHouse, UMumba, Orange Rock got early elimination. Team Xtreme took the chicken dinner in their very first match after eliminating GODL and TSM Entity in the last zone. The team managed to take 8 kills in the match. 

After 5 matches the overall standings were as below: 

PMPL South Asia standings, Day 1
PMPL South Asia standings, Day 1
PMPL South Asia standings, Day 1
PMPL South Asia standings, Day 1

Day 2 will begin tomorrow at 5:30 pm. You can watch the full live stream on PUBG Mobile India's Official Youtube channel.

Published 20 Mar 2020, 06:38 IST
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