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Pokemon Go buddy system: Here is everything trainers need to know

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 06 Jan 2021, 15:18 IST

The buddy system in Pokemon Go is a new feature that Niantic's brought to the game. The feature allows trainers to become best buddies with their Pokemon. This allows them to earn special bonuses as their Pokemon buddy levels up.

The buddy system in Pokemon Go

To avail the bonuses, players will need to level up their buddy in Pokemon Go. The level starts at "Good Buddy" and ends at "Best Buddy." Each level requires trainers to collect a specific amount of affectionate hearts in Pokemon Go.

Image via Pokemon Go Hub
Image via Pokemon Go Hub

Trainers can collect hearts in the following ways:

  • Walking together gives up four hearts. For every 2km that trainers walk with their buddy, they're awarded one heart. Replacing a buddy will reset any progress made towards the next heart, but it does not reset earning candy in Pokemon Go.
  • Giving the buddy a treat gives up to four hearts. To get more hearts, the Pokemon buddy needs to be at zero. Eating three berries counts as one heart. Trainers will need 12 berries per day to get all four hearts.
  • Playing together grants two hearts for tapping on the buddy in AR mode. Pet them for a few seconds until they spin and jump with delight.
  • Battling together gives two hearts for fighting in Gyms, Raids, Team GO, Rocket, or Trainer Battles. Training with leaders also counts as a Trainer Battle.
  • Taking a snapshot gives two hearts.
  • Visiting a new place gives two hearts. Visit a pokestop or gym that the trainer hasn’t visited before with their buddy.

Trainers can earn up to 10 hearts a day to increase the friendship level. If the buddy's mood is "excited" in Pokemon Go, then trainers stand a chance to earn up to 20 hearts in a day.

There are certain actions that trainers can perform to get their buddy excited in Pokemon Go.

Image via Pokemon Go Hub
Image via Pokemon Go Hub

Trainers can obtain a total of 32 points to get their buddy excited in Pokemon Go. Now that the buddy mood has been covered, the buddy levels can be explored. Different levels of friendship with the Pokemon buddy in Pokemon Go come with different perks.

Image via Pokemon Go Hub
Image via Pokemon Go Hub

Berries, hunger, and the mood of a Pokemon Buddy

Berries help fill up the hunger meter of a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Feeding them berries refills their hunger meter, with different berries having different effects. The hunger meter for a Pokemon has six segments, with one segment depleting every 30 minutes.

Buddies can become hungry even if the game isn't running.



Poffins are a premium item in Pokemon Go. These can help fill the hunger meter of a Pokemon instantly and changes their mood to excited for a longer time.

They can be purchased from the Pokestore for 100 coins a pop and can be beneficial when trainers have multiple buddies in Pokemon Go.

Published 06 Jan 2021, 15:18 IST
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