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Pokemon Go: Community Day Returns on 16 February

Gautam Nath
139   //    12 Feb 2019, 21:24 IST

Pokemon Go is hosting another community day coming up soon. Community Days are special event days (for a limited time) where you can get bonuses that players would normally never get or bonuses which are incredibly rare.

This time, Niantic has announced the Community Day for February on 16 February. You can catch the Ground/Ice Pokemon Swinub for up to three times the Stardust. Swinub's final evolution from the Sinnoh region, Mamoswine, will be able to learn Ancient Power if you evolve it up to an hour before the event ends. You don't need to catch a new Swinub for this, you can evolve an older Swinub you may have caught if you have a Sinnoh Stone.

Mamoswine did not exist in Pokemon Gold and Silver, where Swinub and its next evolution Piloswine were introduced. By the time Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came around, they adjusted Piloswine so that it learns the move Ancient Power. The Ancient Power move for this Community Day is a tribute to that because Piloswine could only evolve into Mamoswine upon learning the Ancient Power move.

Since you need a Sinnoh Stone, Niantic will allow players to earn up to five Sinnoh Stones from Trainer Battles and an additional five when battling Team Leaders during the Community Day. Pokemon Go also has a special event going on where you can catch a Shiny Meltan, with Mystery Boxes appearing more frequently and the cooldown timer reduced.

The timings for each different region is given below. For more information, check out Niantic's official post about the upcoming Community Day

The Americas

  • 11 AM - 2 PM PT
  • 2 PM - 5 PM ET

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

  • 10 AM - 1 PM UTC


  • 3.30 PM - 6.30 PM IST


  • 12 PM - 3 PM JST (February 17)

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