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Giovanni December 2020 Counters in Pokemon Go: Where to find, tips on beating him and other details

Giovanni is the final Team Rocket boss who players face after defeating the three members of Team Rocket in Pokemon Go (Image via Niantic)
Giovanni is the final Team Rocket boss who players face after defeating the three members of Team Rocket in Pokemon Go (Image via Niantic)
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 25 Dec 2020, 00:00 IST

Once the players have defeated all the Team Rocket leaders in Pokemon Go, they get the chance to face Giovanni, the final Team Rocket boss.

Defeating the leaders will grant the trainers a Super Rocket Radar, which helps track down Giovanni, But, they don't always display the correct location. These also display grunts who impersonate Giovanni.

Effective Giovanni counters in Pokemon Go

Provided the trainers have managed to evade all the grunts and identify the correct Giovanni, they get to face him in battle. Now, Giovanni has a few pokemon as his standard battling ones, all which are very powerful to begin with. So, countering them effectively is a must.

#1 As always, the first pokemon that Giovanni uses is his Persian. This pokemon can be easily countered by any fighting and ghost type Pokemon. So Tyranitar, Hariyama, Lucario and Machamp are all excellent options for this battle.

#2 For his second pokemon, Giovanni tends to go with:

a) Kangashkan

With Fighting being it's only weakness, Machamp and Lucario also fare well in this battle, provided they aren't weakened in the previous battle of Pokemon Go.


b) Nidoking

If he brings Nidoking, which again is a poison and ground type Pokemon, Kyogre, Alakazam and Mega Blastoise are best fit as counters in Pokemon Go.

c) Garchomp

Garchomp's moves make it difficult to counter. However, having an ice type pokemon in battle makes it easy for the trainers to defeat this Pokemon.

#3 The Shadow Mewtwo finally appears as the third Pokemon in the fight against Giovanni in Pokemon Go. This Pokemon is even stronger than the regular Mewtwo because it has its attack boosted.

Defeating the Shadow Mewtwo can be easy if the trainers use a bug type pokemon like Beedrill, or a ghost pokemon like Mega Gengar.

Defeating Giovanni does come with a lot of benefits.

To top it off players have a chance to catch a legendary shadow pokemon everytime they defeat Giovanni.

Players have a chance to catch a Shadow Mewtwo once they've defeated Giovanni in Pokemon Go for this month.

Published 25 Dec 2020, 00:00 IST
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