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Pokemon Go Trainer Battle: A Short Guide On How It Works

Gautam Nath
231   //    06 Dec 2018, 19:01 IST

A Trainer Battle
A Trainer Battle

With the soon to be released Trainer Battles for Pokemon Go, players like you may not know how exactly it works. It is not exactly like the Trainer Battles in the Gameboy or Nintendo DS versions of the game, where it was turn-based and you could use items to restore your Pokemon's health or PP.

Who Can You Battle?

Players can battle other players who are close to them, by scanning a QR Code known as a battle code. Battle codes are unique to each player and the battling players must scan each other's code to initiate the battle. You also have the option to battle Ultra Friends and Best Friends remotely from anywhere. You cannot do this with Good Friends and Great Friends.

How Does A Battle Work?

Two players face each other and each player needs to have 3 Pokemon in their party, unlike 6 in the console games. Players can switch between their 3 Pokemon at any point, though there is a cooldown timer for it so you can't switch constantly.

The battles are not turn-based and players will need to tap their screen to use Fast Attacks and Charge Attacks, similar to Raid Battles and Gyms. The time limit for a battle is 4 minutes. If players do not wipe out the opponent's Pokemon before the timer, the winner is determined based on who has the most amount of health remaining.

Are There Rewards?

Both players get a reward after battling, usually items such as candy or stardust. Players also have a chance of receiving items such as Sinnoh Stone. There is no limit to the number of battles, but players can only receive rewards 3 times a day.

Can Any Pokemon Be Used?

Yes, any Pokemon can be used including legendaries except Ditto and Shedinja.

Trainer Leagues

In order to balance gameplay, players can choose three leagues which they can participate in based on the Combat Power (CP) of their Pokemon. Each has a cap on how much CP their Pokemon has.

Great League - Cap of 1500 CP

Ultra League - Cap of 2500 CP

Master League - No maximum cap