Pokimane garage door tweet has fans prompting the Twitch star to "make better content"

Pokimane was criticized by a part of her community after releasing her latest garage door Rust skin. (Image via Pokimane)
Pokimane was criticized by a part of her community after releasing her latest garage door Rust skin. (Image via Pokimane)
Rishabh B.

Earlier today, Imane “Pokimane” Anys posted a tweet promoting a new garage door skin in Rust.

The skin is available for free via Twitch Drops which means that users can obtain the skin by simply watching Pokimane’s streams. This is not the first Pokimane-themed Rust skin that has been made available to gamers via Twitch drops.

Earlier, in January, Pokimane had announced her first “garage-door” skin that was created by artist and Twitch user @puppeteer7777. Regardless, quite a few of Pokimane’s viewers criticized the streamer, and asked her to make “better content.”

Pokimane’s new Rust skin announcement leads to calls to make “better content” from her viewers

The custom Pokimane-themed garage door that was released in January was one of the many collectible items introduced by Rust’s developer Facepunch Studios via Twitch drops.

This time, a number of prominent content creators are part of the marketing strategy, with the all-new Pokimane-themed garage door now available to be unlocked via Twitch drops.

As can be seen in the tweet below, Pokimane made the announcement on Twitter. The streamer’s garage door skin is one of the few new streamer-specific collectibles made available starting July 15th.

Regardless, a number of Pokimane’s fans appeared to be unhappy with the announcement. Most of the community seemed happy, with some viewers already having unlocked the skin.

Once it is unlocked, the garage door skin will have to be claimed on Twitch’s inventory page. Furthermore, users will also need to ensure that their game accounts are linked to their Twitch accounts, without which the skin cannot be obtained.

As the tweets suggest, some viewers encouraged Pokimane to create “better content.”

People claimed that the streamer needs to be more creative in choosing her skins, and made fun of Pokimane. The garage door skin is an exclusive-collectible item only available via Twitch drops.

It is the second similar Rust-related skin that Pokimane has announced in 2021, and has visibly failed to impress a portion of her community.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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