Pokimane headbangs to Corpse Husband's latest song 'Agoraphobic'

Pokimane seems to be a fan of Corpse Husband's infectious music
Pokimane seems to be a fan of Corpse Husband's infectious music

Pokimane recently reacted to the internet's mysterious sensation - Corpse Husband's latest song, by lip-syncing and head banging along to its beats.

The 24-year old Twitch streamer is one of the most prominent names on the internet today and has amassed millions of fans across various social media platforms, over the course of her streaming career.

Of late, Pokimane has been playing the smash hit of the year, InnerSloth's Among Us, often with the likes of streamers such as Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, Valkyrae and Corpse Husband.

Speaking of the latter, Corpse Husband is one of the most interesting online personas today, who has won over the internet with his faceless personality, mysterious aura and deep, alluring voice.

As if these traits weren't enough to win over the internet, Corpse Husband is also a singer, who has released a few tracks online, which have all raked in millions of views.

Featuring hard-hitting, blunt and immersive lyrics, the beats of his songs are perfectly complimented by his sonorous voice, which tends to leave a lasting impression upon listeners.

This is exactly what happened when Pokimane recently reacted to his latest single, called 'Agoraphobic'.


Pokimane reacts to Corpse Husband and Agoraphobic


Corpse Husband is known to be a recluse, who rarely goes out of his house and has social anxiety.

His thoughts seem to be reflected in the lyrics of his latest single 'Agoraphobic', which refers to a person who is afraid of leaving their home due to the fear of open or crowded places.

From speaking about anti-depressants to paranoia, to even addressing his anxiety, Agoraphobic is a raw rendition which makes fans wonder all the more, about the mysterious aura of Corpse Husband.

In a recent video, Pokimane reacted to his song and shared her thoughts on the same:

"I really love the art ...I don't really like to go outside too, to be honest. Dude, the video is so good, actually insane. "

Once the song is complete, she makes a sad face and exclaims:

"Sadge boy...the lyrics make me want to watch a movie about Corpse ...I think everybody just wants to understand him better, you know. Like you hear those lyrics and you're like 'you're really trying to tell us something, huh, tell me more!' "

Pokimane then proceeds to gleefully head bang to the chorus of the song, having become a fan of Corpse's music, just like everybody else.

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