Pokimane receives a "boyfriend application" on live stream

Image via Pokimane/ Twitch
Image via Pokimane/ Twitch

Imane "Pokimane" Anys' recent Christmas unboxing live stream was certainly worth the watch!

The 24-year-old is often known to receive outlandish requests and gifts from several admirers worldwide, a large number of whom commonly get referred to as simps.

This is due to their overbearing nature and persistent attempts to woo Pokimane, despite being ridiculed.

The most recent attempt took place during the streamer's Christmas unboxing stream. It was in the form of a formal application replete with a resume, achievements, and gaming credentials!

Pokimane reads out "boyfriend resume" on live stream

[Timestamp: 4:52]

In the clip above, Pokimane is somewhat puzzled on receiving a formal-looking, sealed document.

As she unwraps it, she says:

"Is this business?? Why does this look so official?"

As she scans through the contents, the former Fortnite star is left open-mouthed. Pokimane even turns off her stream for a brief bit, which only fuels her Twitch chat's curiosity.

Once her stream resumes, Pokimane explains what exactly was in the official-looking document she received:

"So this guy sent me a 4-page letter essentially asking to get to know me. Then he included his resume. He included a dating profile with a QR code so I can scan and see pictures of him!"

She reads out his rather impressive list of academic credentials, including proficiency in Computer Science from Princeton and AI.

His gaming credentials include 23 wins in Warzone and none in Fall Guys, which causes Pokimane to jokingly reject him solely based on that.

She then awkwardly gives her verdict on the letter:

"Thank you for the letter, but yep!"

Her reaction leaves her chat in splits, with several begging her to call him or at least scan the QR code!

Though she brushed aside the entire incident in jest, the level of detail involved in Pokimane's recent "boyfriend application" is undoubtedly something to mull over in today's age of increasing simp culture.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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