Polyphony Digital promises Grand Turismo 7 will be the best in the series

Grand Turismo 7

Although they did not reveal much at last week’s PlayStation Experience, developers Polyphony Digital have promised that their upcoming title Gran Turismo 7 will be nothing short of awesome. Polyphony Digital Community Manager Eric Fishback was present at the event and spoke about the game stating that it will be “best Gran Turismo you can imagine“. He also went on to praise the PS4 for being the “strongest console ever“.

Fishback is not the only one to praise the PS4 for being a powerful console. From Softwares producer Tsubasa had stated earlier that their newest title Bloodborne will “only possible with the power of the PlayStation 4.”

But it’s probably too early for Polyphone Digital to state that the game will be the best in the series. Players will just have to wait to find out for themselves. The game will definitely look excellent as the PS4 is indeed a strong console, and with developers like Polyphony Digital, it’s sure to look great. It was only last year that Gran Turismo 6 released for the PS3 with good reviews but did not perform so well in the market. So it’s great to see the developers move on to making the next title already to try and redeem themselves.

Besides this, there hasn’t been much info on what the game will offer. Polyphony Digital did state earlier that the game will have improved AI, better physics and more online options. That coupled with the fact that it will be out exclusively for the PS4 guarantees that the game will look visually stunning.

Grand Turismo 7 is expected to release some time in 2015-2016. Check out the trailer for the game below: