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PorusPlay League: Team IM and MG ZERO Degree continue their battle for the top spot

Modified 06 Feb 2020, 19:21 IST

PorusPlay League Season One overall standings after Day 20
PorusPlay League Season One overall standings after Day 20

PorusPlay League Season One for PUBG Mobile is up and running where the top teams from India are competing for the ultimate glory. A four-month-long tournament, Porus Play League is currently in its qualification phase. MG ZERO Degree was leading the overall standing with 189 points until Day 10 of the qualification phase whereas PMCO Prelims finalists SynerGE was in the second spot with 183 points. Since then, the tournament has completed 10 more days and here are the major highlights-

DAY 11(January 21st)

On Day 11 of the tournament, Team MG ZERO Degree performed exceptionally well and held their lead throughout the day. MG ZERO Degree New led the kill department as well, and the team ended Day 11 with 95 kills and 213 points in total. Streamer Jankyror streamed the matches on PorusPlay. Three teams withdrew their names from the tournament while three teams got disqualified, hence, missing an opportunity to play with 120 top teams from India.

DAY 12(January 22nd)

MG ZERO Degree continued their impressive run and held the first position for another day with 231 points in their bag. However, Team IM had a massive day as the team matched MG ZERO Degree on overall points and were placed at the 2nd position as they had 5 fewer kills than MG ZERO Degree. The positions will be handed out teams on the basis of overall points followed by kill points and WWCD. MG ZERO Degree had 103 kill points whereas Team IM had 98.

Day 13(January 23rd)

A very crucial day for the event as the timings for the tournament was shifted due to PMCO qualifiers. The matches took place from 11 PM onwards, and this step was taken in order to avoid any clash with PMCO qualifiers. 

MG ZERO Degree once again led the overall standings at the end of DAY 13 but a new face popped up in the tournament as LiveCraft esports made it to the 2nd place. MG ZERO Degree had 257 points while LiveCraft Esports had 246 points at the end of Day 13.

Day 14(January 24th)

MG ZERO Degree stood at the top while Team IM reclaimed the second position in the overall standings. MG ZERO Degree racked up 289 points, whereas Team IM was in the second position with 258 points. R3X and Toxic team left the tournament after Day 14, while most of the teams had shuffled at least one player.

Day 15(January 25th)

No team was able to dethrone MG ZERO Degree from the top spot as they finished the day with 129 kill points and 305 overall points. Team IM also held on to their second position with SynerGE and LiveCraft esports just behind them.

Day 16(January 27th)

MG ZERO Degree and Team IM held on to their 1st and 2nd position in the table as their impressive performances continued. Team BLIND managed to crack into top 8 of the tournament. Team BSUD and Team Genocide had equal points but Team Genocide with an extra kill in its tally was placed higher than Team BSUD.

Day 17(January 28th)

MG ZERO Degree for the eight-day straight led the overall standings. Team IM also held on to the second spot with SynerGE just lurking outside of the top two. Entity Girls who had just played 5 games in tournament had 45 points in their bag.


Day 18(January 29th)

Team IM with the help of a Chicken Dinner and multiple kills finally managed to overcome MG ZERO Degree. Team had 339 overall points and led MG ZERO Degree who slipped to second by 10 points. A lot of teams changed their team’s name in the tournament and surprisingly started to play well after the name change.

Day 19(January 30th)

MG ZERO Degree reclaimed their first spot in the table and had a 8 points lead over the second-placed Team IM. Team GODL with a small string of Chicken Dinner games managed to get in the top half of the table. 7 Seas also improved a lot and was finally looking like a contender team.

Day 20(February 1st)

The battle for the top spot was getting intense as Team IM once again dethroned MG ZERO Degree from the top spot. Both teams gave their all and now will be looking for a decisive Chicken Dinner to seal the tournament. 8 bit displayed their domination on Day 20 as they secured a position in the top 8 of the tournament.

Despite missing a game, GODL and Orange Esports were still placed comfortably in the top 14.

The PorusPlay League Season One action continues and top 14 teams in tournament will qualify for the next round.

Published 05 Feb 2020, 19:38 IST
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