Post The International 9 Shuffle: Fade ends his two-week-long retirement to join SCCC in Team Aster; Chuan announced his return to the scene

Post TI shuffle season is here!
Post TI shuffle season is here!

E-sports retirements can be short and temporary but Pan "Fade" Yi's retirement didn't even last a month. Pan "Fade" Yi previously announced that he wants to retire and be done with competitive DOTA2. However, just two weeks after the retirement the support player announced his return to the competitive scene.

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While the reason behind his retirement is still unknown, the reason for his return is now clear. Team Aster took Weibo to announce that Pan "Fade" Yi will be joining them in the upcoming season. Fade confirmed the announcement soon after. Fade established his name in DOTA2 competitive scene and without any doubt, he is one of the top Chinese players at the moment. His addition to the squad will give Team Aster the momentum they need.

On the other hand, Song "SCCC" Chun has joined Team Aster. SCCC was on the inactive roster of Newbee right before The International 9 begun. SCCC is currently one of the best Chinese mid-laner and expecting him to sit on the reserve bench was foolish. Newbee failed to build a team this year as we all watch them struggle with their position 3, 4, and 5. After constantly changing players for those 3 positions their highest achievement this year was a fourth-place finish in MDL Macau 2019, which was not even a DOTA2 pro circuit tournament.

SCCC took weibo to post a rant in which he took the blame for Newbee's poor performance. He wrote, "Talk about this year, no results for a whole year, mainly because I didn’t play very well."

After a 6th position finish in the Chinese qualifier, everyone knew a disband is coming. In this situation, SCCC joining Team Aster is good news for the China Dota community.

We can now expect to see SCCC and Fade playing in the same team under the supervision of the legendary Chinese carry player, Burning.

In another news, The International 2 winner Wong Hock "Chuan" Chuan announced on tweeter that he is ready to return to the professional Dota2 scene. The legendary player played for Invictus Gaming and Newbee in his career.

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