PUBG Ban in India: PUBG Mobile Gets In-Game Health Warnings; A Step towards Unbanning of the Game

The first step towards unbanning?
The first step towards unbanning?

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile, the ultra-popular battle royale game, has had a bit of a tough time in India. Following the game being banned in certain cities in India, there was also news of the ban being put into effect with a number of users being jailed in Rajkot, Gujarat earlier this month.

It’s been a worrisome time for PUBG mobile and its players, with reports of untoward incidents taking place due to addiction to the game in the country.

And now, in what seems like a move to ensure more accountability on PUBG Mobile’s part, the game has started to reportedly lock out users who play the game for too long. Over the Holi holidays, users on Twitter started to put up screenshots to show a ‘health reminder’ that locks users out of the game after a certain number of hours played on the app.

The message simply asks you to return at a particular time as a cool-off exercise. While some users are reporting seeing the message after two to four hours of gaming, some are being locked out after six hours of usage.

Interestingly, the game first asks if you’re above 18 years of age or no. It’s possible that the number of hours you’re allowed to play depends on your age.

The health reminder seems to be rolling out to Indian users
The health reminder seems to be rolling out to Indian users

However, since no official word from PUBG mobile is out yet, one can’t be sure. It, however, does look like the rollout is still in progress, as more and more disgruntled Indian users seem to be talking about it.

This could well be a good way for PUBG to show that it’s taking reports about addiction to the game and its fallout seriously to Indian authorities. Only earlier this week, PUBG mobile released a statement in response to the ban issued on the game by Indian authorities, that said that they were looking at the legal basis of such a ban, as well as hoping to “have a constructive dialogue with relevant authorities to explain our objectives and that they withdraw the prohibition.”

Well, it does look like this is the company’s way to taking the first step towards Indian authorities to get the game unbanned in India.

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