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PUBG Guide: How to Become a Pro Player in PUBG Lite by adapting these 5 key controls?

  • PUBG Lite Guide to become a pro player
Tarun Sayal
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:46 IST


PUBG Lite released in India officially in the first week of July and ever since its release it has gained a massive hype. PUBG PC Lite can be played on Low-End PCs and is free of cost.

So as you all know that PUBG Lite is the mixture of PUBG Steam version and PUBG Mobile in which controls are of PUBG PC and graphics are similar to PUBG Mobile. But if you are shifting to PUBG Lite from PUBG Mobile, then it will be hard getting used to these controls. So, here is an easy guide to easily adapt the controls of PUBG Lite and some tips to become a pro player in this game.

Top 5 changes in keyboard control settings of PUBG Lite to become a pro player:

#1 Healing Items- The default buttons to use healing items are different for each one, which is very difficult to learn and is time-consuming. So, head to the UI option in the control settings and click on the left box in front of Heal Items and press V. By doing this you can use all the healing items by just one button.

#2 Throwable Items- Again, you can use the throwable items by just one button. Head to the UI option in the control settings, and just above heal items, you will find throwable items. Click on the lest box in front of throwable items and press G. so, it will help you a lot in tight battles where you don't have enough time.

#3 Swap the keys- You should interchange the keys for Toggle Firing Mode (B) and Unarm (X). You should do this because in tight situations when you spot an enemy, you can change the firing mode easily as getting used to the X key is a lot easier than the B key.

#4 Aiming Feature- Go to the Combat option in the control settings, and you will find that the right mouse button is used for both Aim and ADS. But most of us don't use Aim feature. So, select ADS option below Aim/ADS and right-click on it to disable Aim feature. Then, Go to the Gameplay tab and change the value of ADS from Toggle to Hold. Scoping will become easier using this, and your sniping and shooting skills will improve a lot.

#5 Using Map- To use the map, the default setting is to press the M key. But you have to lift your hand to use the map as the M key is far. It will make access to the map difficult in the final circle or while you are driving. So, place the map key near to the movement keys. To do that, go to the UI option in the Graphics settings and change the map key from M to F1. Then, Go to the Gameplay tab and change the map setting from toggle to hold.

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