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PUBG Guide: How to boost FPS in PUBG Mobile?

  • Steps to increase FPS count in PUBG Mobile.
Tarun Sayal
Modified 23 Dec 2019, 16:23 IST

PUBG Mobile FPS Boost
PUBG Mobile FPS Boost

Getting better FPS is a crucial aspect of an excellent gaming experience, and most gamers are unaware of how to acquire it. When it comes to battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, the frame drops can degrade your performance. As a result of this, it can affect the player's reaction time and aim ability.

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Here is an essential guide on how to get better FPS in PUBG Mobile that will significantly improve your gameplay and gaming experience.

#1 Best PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

  • Graphics: Smooth
  • Frame Rate: High (30FPS) or Ultra High(60FPS)
  • Style: Colorful (Depends on personal preference)
  • Anti Aliasing: Disable
  • Auto-Adjust Graphics: Disable

Note: The config listed below is only recommended for low-end device holders.

#2 Free up RAM

The apps running in the background consume a portion from your RAM storage which makes the device laggy and choppy. Make sure to keep only essential apps in the background while playing PUBG Mobile and other games. It will also improve the battery life of the device and increase system efficiency.

#3 Storage Cleanup

The storage space is another factor which affects the FPS of the game. While booting up PUBG Mobile, it takes a longer boot time when the device is running low on phone storage. Consider removing the apps that you don't use often and clear the cache memory of your device. It will allow the PUBG Mobile application to load the game files faster and render the maps quickly.

Apart from all these steps, always keep your device up to date, which eliminates the bugs from the operating system. After implementing the settings mentioned above, the PUBG Mobile players can experience smooth gameplay and can get a better in-game FPS.

Published 23 Dec 2019, 16:23 IST
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