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PUBG Hack: PUBG Mobile Player With a Blank Name Kills People Using Hacks

Mohit Kumar
13.94K   //    09 Jan 2019, 18:56 IST

A hacker with no-name shooting through walls
A hacker with no-name shooting through walls

You must have heard someone using HACKS to succeed in this most popular game called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds – PUBG. In the last few months, the company banned thousands of accounts – both of hackers and the players who got a lot of reports due to violating the terms and conditions of the game.

If you are a diehard fan of PUBG Mobile and play it regularly then you must have encountered at least one hacker so far. The hacker can kill you, loot you, but you can’t cross a single bullet through his body. The hackers ruin the fun of the game. They can make you frustrated, and you might end up losing all interest.

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Is it fair? No, Right?

Have you ever encountered a hacker who has no name?

Well, to make you more curious, just a few days ago, one of the users came across a hacker who had no name. No alphabets, no symbols, nothing. The hacker was killing his enemies through trees, cars, houses, and walls.

As the players’ level and the tier get up, the difficulty level of the game also increases. You get paired with good players – deadly clans and players with high Royal Points. To cop up the difficulty, some players use cheating as a solution to get Chicken Dinners in PUBG Mobile. I mean who doesn’t love Chicken Dinners. But, as a player, using hacks and software to get that awesome feeling is nowhere in the rules book of PUBG.

When this news of hackers using no-name went viral, a lot of people started reacting on this matter. On Reddit, there are a lot of heated debates going on. A user named @RationalThinker_ wrote on Reddit:

“How low one's self-esteem must be that he/she needs to cheat to win. I pity this insecure fool. I don't play good, at all. But I'm proud of the fact that I don't cheat to win. I would lose with dignity rather than win without it.”

Most of the users believe that such hackers use a modified APK version of the game on Android. The maps are modified one – as they are download locally for every user. Later, they remove the wall from the version. But, when you spectate them, you will see the same walls, doors, and cars as usual.


If it possible to report such hackers who are using a blank name?

Yes, it is. You need to follow the same procedure – submitting a report on his account. When you will report, the character ID number of hacker’s name will be submitted to Tencent. The company will investigate the account as it does for other hackers.

So, next time you see a hacker with a blank name and who is shooting through walls and trees, make sure that you submit a report on his account. The platform needs to be clean from hackers; otherwise, they will ruin all the fun.

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