PUBG Lite PC News: India Release Date, Asian Server, PUBG Lite Other Maps and More 


PlayerUnknown's Battleground Lite PC version has played the role of saviour for thousands of people who were not able to run the base game.

The high system requirements of PUBG always created a big wall for players with low-end PC. Though a new official version of PUBG was announced by the developers, "PUBG LITE PC".

PUBG lite is an official version of the game with fewer assets and other degraded or rather optimised dynamic details, including shadows, lightening effects and other graphical details.

By doing this the developers were finally able to come up with a PUBG which can be played in a low-end PC.

The best part about PUBG lite was that even players with integrated graphics cards like Intel HD graphics can enjoy the game. This made the developers reach more audience thoroughly.

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PUBG lite is still in beta stages and has released only in Thailand. Although many people all around the world are already playing the game using VPN.

PUBG lite is easy to download and play using a VPN service. Though there are some problems regarding the ping (latency). Recently in an official Facebook post, it was revealed that PUBG lite is going to be released in four more southeast Asian regions. on February 13th.

PUBG LITE will no longer be limited to Thailand region but be available to four more countries in Southeast Asia - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. The pre-download for the regions named above will begin a day before, on February 13th, while the official Beta Test service will open on the 14th.

Now, this raises a question about the game's release in India. As India consists of the major number of PUBG players.

PUBG lite will release in India during summer 2019.PUBG lite development team is a separate one than the other versions of the game. Which means they are already working to spread the lite version all around the world.

Though at first, the devs are seeking the regions with more player. That may be also the reason behind the game being first released in Thailand.

This also proves that the Indian Release of PUBG Lite is quite imminent. PUBG lite offers an Asian server though it has only one map i.e erangel.

Other maps in PUBG lite may not arrive soon, as the game has been released in only a few regions. The biggest priority right now will be to expand the audience.

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