PUBG Mobile: 3 reasons why the M416 is the best Assault Rifle in the game and how to use it


The M416 is the most versatile and commonly found weapon in the PUBG Mobile.

It is amazing at short range, has good handling while spraying, and comes with the best single tapping recoil among assault rifles. A lot of PUBG Mobile players are now leaning towards this gun as their primary weapon.

In this article, we have made a detailed guide of the M416 rifle and how to use it properly. Here are 3 reasons why the tried and tested M416 is the best assault rifle in the game.

#1 Stats and recoil

The M416 has amazing stability
The M416 has amazing stability

Hit damage: The hit damage of the M416 is 41, which is the same as the M16A4 and the Scar-L.

Bullet velocity: The bullet velocity is 880 m/s, which is slightly faster than the Scar-L, but lower than the M16. You can achieve the maximum DPS of 476 while spraying with this gun, and you’ll be able to completely finish an entire 40-round extended magazine in just 2.9 seconds.

The recoil of the M416 is amazing, and this is one of the strongest arguments to pick up this gun. Because of the very low horizontal recoil, sprays will be easy to control and this will ensure that more bullets hit the target. Another very important feature of the M416 is the single tap vertical recoil.

Note: Lower the vertical recoil, the faster and easier you can tap shoot with the scope attached.

#2 Attachments

Based on preferred weapon loadout
Based on preferred weapon loadout

Moving on to the best attachments for the M416, the AR suppressor will be your best bet most of the time. The suppressor reduces the sound of the weapon dramatically and completely eliminates the flash header.

The M416 has a total of five attachment slots as compared to other AR guns in its category. The Scar-L and M16A4 can't use a tactical scope, which makes the handling of the gun an issue for most players.

However, the power of the compensator cannot be ignored at any cost. It is recommended to have the suppressor attached to the weapon and the compensator in your bags, being ready to swap to it when you need that extra recoil reduction going into a duel or in the later circles.

When it comes to grips, you should use the angle grip as it reduces the horizontal recoil of the weapon. It is the go-to grip among the professional players, including Sc0ut and MortaL.

Also, make sure you go for an extended quick-draw magazine, tactical stock and a sight too. The most preferred combo for the scopes is the red dot and 4x scope. You can, however, choose the scope you are most comfortable with.

#3 Versatility

M416 can be used at any range
M416 can be used at any range

The M416 is a highly versatile weapon, as it can be used for short, medium and long range combat with great results. 

You can use this gun for every possible situation you will encounter in the game. Therefore, a double M416 loadout is also viable. You can have one M416 geared for short to mid range, and another for mid to long range fights.

The other 5.62 chambered guns, like the Scar-L and M16a4, are only ideal for mid to long range fights. The damage output of both these guns in up-close engagement is pretty low.

Short range: During short range combat, this gun feels like a submachine gun with low recoil and high DBS.

Medium range: You can still burst or spray with the M416 in medium range combat, but tapping here becomes an often more reliable way to shoot.

Long range: The weapon's handling is great in long range engagements due to its low single tap vertical recoil and the high bullet velocity, and makes hitting moving targets on range a pleasurable experience.

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Edited by Sai Krishna
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