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PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) India Regional Finals Day 1 Results And Standings

  • PMCO 2019 India Regional Finals Day 1 Results And Points Table. Find out who is leading at the end of day 1.
Rohit Jaswal
Modified 18 Jun 2019, 18:55 IST
PMCO India Day 1 Results
PMCO India Day 1 Results

PMCO 2019 Indian Division Day 1 is over and all the matches were very intense. All the participating teams gave tough competition to each other. The winning team is going to represent India in PMCO Global Finals going which will take place in Berlin, Germany in July.

A total cash prize of USD 175000 will get divided among the 16 teams. The winning team will qualify for the PMCO Global Grand Finals while teams on second and third place will advance to PMCO Spring Championship- Prelims.

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Match 1 (Erangel TPP)-

Match 1 started with all teams playing very intelligently according to their own strengths and tactics. But many teams scrambled when zone started to shift towards the shooting range and suddenly all of the team found themselves in open ground. There were shots fired from all directions and teams started to make their covers by bursting out their vehicles. At last two players from Soul and Indian Tigers and one from Table toppers of Semi-Finals Brawlers were left. And as the last zone shrank Indian Tigers were able to secure their Chicken Dinner in the Match 1.

Winner Of The Match: Indian Tigers- 13 kills

MVP Of the Match: Soul Ronak- 7 Kills


Points Table Of Match 1:

#1 Indian Tigers- 43 Points

#2 Team Soul- 38 Points

#3 Team Brawlers- 21 Points

Match 2 (Vikendi TPP)-

In the second match, Team Daku Official was the first to get eliminated followed by Team Brawlers. As the first match, the final circle was all about the clash between Team Soul and Indian Tigers. This time again, Indian Tigers with their full squad held their ground and got their Chicken Dinner in Match 2.

Winner Of Match 2: Indian Tigers- 9 kills

MVP Of Match 2: Soul Owais- 5 kills, Damage- 2324

Points Table Of Match 2:

#1 Indian Tigers- 39 Points

#2 Team Soul- 37 Points

#3 Team IND- 21 Points

Match 3 (Sanhok TPP)-

As we all know Sanhok is the map of teams winning games who have compounds under them. And the same happened in this match. Team Soul showed that why they are favorites for this tournament as they recorded 16 kills. The highlight of the match was the performance of Team Soul's Ronak. Capable of both assaulting and long-range sniping, Soul Rounak took his team to victory with his 7 kills.

Winner Of Match 3: Team Soul- 16 kills

MVP of the Match: Soul Ronak- 7 kills, Damage-1022 damage

Points Table Of Match 3:

#1 Team Soul- 46 Points

#2 Entity Gaming- 29 Points

#3 Team GodLike- 28 Points

Match 4 (Miramar TPP)-

Action in match 4 started quite late but when it started there were shots fired from every direction. In this match Brawlers made a great comeback in the match and won the round with 5 kills securing first place in Match 4 of day 1 of PMCO India Finals.

Winner Of Match 4: Team Brawlers- 5 kills

MVP Of The Match: IND Daljit- 1 Kill

Points Table Of Match 4:

#1 Team Brawlers- 35 Points

#2 Team GodLike- 28 Points

#3 Team IND- 24 Points

Match 5 (Sanhok TPP)-

In match 5, teams which were ranking high on leaderboards got wiped out quickly. In this match, Evil Big Fellas took the Chicken Dinner with 8 kills.

Winner Of the Match- Evil Big Fellas

MVP Of The Match- GodL Avii 6 kills, Damage- 713

Points Table Of Match 5:

#1 Evil Big Fellas- 38 Points

#2 Team GodLike- 27 Points

#3 Team IND- 25 Points

Match 6 (Erangel TPP)-

In the final match of the Day 1, teams were looking very aggressive as there were some close encounters at the start of the game. But it was Team IND who took Chicken Dinner in the final match of Day 1 of PMCO India Finals.

Winner Of Match 6- Team IND 14 kills

Points Table of Match 6:

#1 Team IND- 44 points

#2 Entity Gaming- 36 points

#3 Evil Big Fellas- 21 points

Points Table Of Day 1:

#1 Team Soul 147

#2 Team IND 147

#3 Indian Tigers 120

#4 Entity Gaming 114

#5 GodLike 95

#6 Evil Big Fellas 91

#7 Team ORB 75

#8 Team Learn From Past 75

#9 Team Brawlers 70

#10 Team 8Bit 63

#11 Team INS 62

#12 RIP Official 60

#13 Team Hydra 55

#14 Pain Retribution 47

#15 Daku Official 38

#16 Megastars 35

So now we have to wait for the day two of PMCO India division to see which team will represent India on Global Finals.

Published 14 Jun 2019, 21:40 IST
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